Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

More important than planning your wedding is being able to enjoy its celebration. But a lot of couples who DIY their wedding preparation end up worrying about every little detail – about the guests, the food, the music, the venue, and the vendors, among much else – that they miss out on enjoying themselves as the highlight and central feature of their own wedding. This is the reason why it’s best to hire a wedding coordinator.

There has to be someone who oversees your wedding to make sure that everything goes as you want it, even without your personal supervision.


To understand the importance of a wedding coordinator, you need to know what the job description is. Here are some reasons that tell you about the job and why you should get a wedding coordinator:

1. Supervise from the wedding planning and until the big day – Although you call the shots, you still need someone to make sure that things are done how you want it. Your wedding coordinator is there to advise you about all aspects of your wedding, and then makes sure that your decisions get followed. A professional wedding coordinator can be incredibly helpful, especially if both you and your partner have full-time jobs or occupied with other responsibilities that stop you from managing your wedding preparation as closely as you might like.

2. Create a wedding-day timeline – Every coordinator has her own style and approach in wedding preparation, and that includes creating a tool to track the planning and the execution of your wedding plans. Having a wedding-day timeline is a helpful way of making sure that things are done at the right time. While you’re busy with your bridal fitting, let your wedding coordinator create your wedding-day timeline so she can remind you of what needs to be done and what can still wait. This timeline can also be used to help you keep your expenses in check.


3. Polish the details – From choosing your theme decor to your invitations, to the line up of songs the band will play, your wedding coordinator will spare you from attending to each and every minute detail of your wedding. All you need to do is tell her what you want and how you want it exactly. Otherwise, if you’re not sure, she can also suggest how to materialize your ideas. Polishing the details is usually overlooked by the marrying couple because of the many other things that need to be done. But with a coordinator, you can expect that no details will be left unpolished.

4. Connect you to vendors – A professional wedding coordinator, one who has been in the industry for years, will have a trusted network of vendors for all your wedding needs. Finding caterers, photographers and bands is a burden off your shoulders if you have a wedding coordinator. She can find you the supplier who can give you what you need at a lower cost. She can also screen your options for you or give your recommendations as to which supplier is best for your wedding needs.


5. Maximize your budget – After discussing the theme with your coordinator, you need to tell her exactly how much budget you have for the wedding and which things you want to splurge or scrimp on. Your wedding coordinator can find you competitive prices from vendors to help stretch your budget and cover other expenses. She can also update you on your expenses from time to time to make sure that you’re still working within your budget.

Given the significant role of a wedding coordinator, she has become indispensable even to a couple with a tight budget. As a matter of fact, having a tight budget is all the more reason to hire a wedding coordinator to make sure that you’re getting the value of every penny you spend.

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