Xinying & Jeffrey — A Magical Wedding Experience

Featuring newlyweds:

Chen Xinying and Jeffrey Nah

Xinying and Jeffrey said their “I Do’s” on 4 June 2017

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Going the Distance

Xinying and Jeffrey have a modern love story: they knew each through a mutual friend and developed their relationship through social media as their courting days had Xinying still training in Cambridge while Jeffrey was tied to his job at home. To sustain their love, Jeffrey would fly to the UK whenever he was on holiday, and it was in one such trip that he decided he wanted to be with Xinying for good.
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While his initial plan for a romantic proposal underneath the spellbinding Northern Light didn’t work out due to poor weather, his Plan B proposal back in London was still quite dramatic. It happened just after the two had a small, intimate Christmas celebration: as they were relaxing in the warmth of their hotel room, Jeffrey mustered his courage and popped the big question, and Xinying answered—readily and resoundingly—Yes!


Picture-Perfect Heart of Asia

For their pre-wedding photos, the couple chose Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and their bridal package was simply enviable. It featured the couple in different settings—a French Renaissance manor, the grounds of a modern chapel, a secluded beach, a romantic grassy field, and a cozy garden platform—and shot in the romantic style of Korean photography.
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During the shoot, the couple had four outfit changes to match the style of each location, including a marvelous ball gown with a layered monarch-length skirt for the bride, and dashing tuxedos for the groom. The wedding package also came with various wonderful props, including Rococo furniture, a vintage-style Cadillac, and even a beautiful black stallion.
ChenAndJeffrey 004
The couple are all too happy about their pre-wedding photoshoot. Xinying adds, “And we had so much fun holidaying!”
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‘You Make Me Believe in Fairy Tales’

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Once upon a time, Chen and Jeffrey were separated by such distance that they seemed a world apart. But love can bridge gaps, and on the 4th of June they exchanged their vows, promising to be together forever. And, as written in one of their wedding décor, it was the start of their “happily ever after.”

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It was a perfect sunny day. With the help of her sisters, and after some touching moments with her parents, Chen got ready to receive her husband-to-be. But before that, of course Jeffrey had to prove his mettle! And this involved, among other things, delivering sincere promises and dancing to Cyndi Wang’s “Honey”.

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And when the two finally met, their joy and the love they share was clearly visible on their faces.

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Time for a brief photoshoot with the brothers and sister.

ChenAndJeffrey 010

And a quick tea ceremony, for which the bride changed to a lovely modern kua.

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Chen and Jeffrey’s solemnization went off without a hitch: the venue was stylishly decorated, everyone looked lovely (especially the pageboy and flower girl!), and the couple exchanged their vows with such emotions that it brought a lot of people to tears (not the least the couple themselves).

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It was officiated by celebrity JP Chiang Heng-Liang, who also officiated the solemnization of Christopher Lee and Fann Wong.

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Entering the couple’s banquet hall at Mandarin Oriental, one can immediately feel the love pervading the occasion. The couple did not just look obviously in love, but also expressed their feelings other in a beautiful table set-up that showcased their photos and sweet words to each other. With a fairy tale theme in pink and blue, the venue also featured fairy lights, a photo booth and a wishing tree where guests could leave their personal messages for the couple.

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The night had a lot of surprises, beginning with when the couple were asked to do a practice march that was suddenly stopped. A spotlight was then trained on the groom as the hotel staff delivered a surprise greeting for him, complete with a cake—that day was also Jeffrey’s birthday!

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On their first march-in, the couple entered the ballroom to the song “Everytime” from Descendants of the Sun, the couple’s favorite Korean series. For their second marched in, the bride changed to a captivating white and blue princess ball gown while the groom wore a midnight blue tuxedo. The couple walked to the romantic melodies of “Beauty and the Beast”.

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One of the highlights of the evening was the couple’s first dance, which they actually just learned from YouTube and hardly rehearsed.

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It was a night of magic and music, with the couple exchanging surprise songs as they delivered their speeches—very much like in a Disney film! But Chen has some sage advice: “It’s not a great idea to sing right after choking up during your speech.” (Still, a heartfelt song that’s a little out of tune is better than a perfect song with no emotions, right?)

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All their wedding guests thought it was a wonderful affair, commenting that the food was delicious, the décor was magnificent, and that it was overall a very beautiful wedding. And, finally, at the end of the night Chen and Jeffrey began their lives—together as husband and wife.

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  •     Bridal Studio: Cangai Wedding
  •     Groom’s Suit: Personal / Cangai Wedding
  •     Photographer: One Eye Click
  •     Videographer: Back Alley creations
  •     Make-Up Artist: Christine Tan
  •     Venue: Mandarin Oriental
  •     Decor: Sing See Soon / Inside the Knot

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