Yi Lin and Chee Siang – A Friendster Reunion

Featuring Newlyweds:

Yi Lin, Accountant
Chee Siang, Engineer
Wedding Date: 15 January 2011

YL and Chee Siang

Crossing Paths

While Yi Lin and Chee Siang attended the same class in secondary school, they were practically strangers from each other and were completely oblivious that they would eventually become each other’s life partner. After their O-levels, the two even went to different schools – Yi Lin at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Chee Siang at Singapore Polytechnic – and perhaps would have continued on separate paths if not for a simple “smile” that Chee Siang sent to Yi Lin’s profile on the social-networking site Friendster. And just from that fateful re-acquaintance, the two started chatting online and knew each other better – and from there their relationship blossomed into love.

Candlelit Proposal

On 10 May 2010, just a few days before Yi Lin and Chee Siang were to celebrate their third year as a couple, Yi Lin got a call from Chee Siang asking her to come meet him at the void deck. She was just resting in her room then, watching a TV program, and did not really think much about his request. “I thought he just wanted me to help him carry luggage as we were going for a short holiday trip to HK the following two days,” Yi Lin says.

But while she thought that it was only an ordinary request, the void deck was actually quite especial for her as it was where she first met Chee Siang after all the intervening years. Together, they have passed many hours there, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Fittingly, it was also where Chee Siang asked Yi Lin to be his girlfriend. That night, he once again asked her an important question. On their special spot, Chee Siang had lighted dozens of candles that formed a message: WILL U MARRY ME?

“I’m not a romantic man,” Chee Siang then said to Yi Lin, “I’m more towards a practical man. But I will give you both love and support.” He then knelt on one knee, presented Yi Lin a bouquet of roses and a diamond ring, and vocally asked her to be his wife. Yi Lin could not speak from the surprise and happiness. With her eyes already brimming with tears, she could only nod her head to show her agreement and give Chee Siang her most heartfelt embrace.



Happiness Captured

“Simple, relaxed and elegant” is how Yi Lin describes their pre-wedding photoshoot. It was a perfect day, too – the sun was out and there were enough clouds about – and so the shoot went splendidly under the direction of their photographer David and his assistants Max and Sonia. The couple shot in three locations – the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Raffles Marina and bridge fronting the Fullerton Hotel – with the couple changing outfits at each venue. While the sessions were quite tiring, the couple enjoyed them and were very appreciative of their photographer.

“Overall, the photoshoot was really an unusual experience for us,” Yi Lin remembers, “But we had so much fun with the team.”




A Chinese Wedding

Because both of them have Chinese roots, Yi Lin and Chee Siang decided to follow certain traditional Chinese wedding traditions. They customarily had their guo da li (betrothal and dowry day) a week before the wedding and held their wedding banquet at the Yan Palace.

On their wedding day, Yi Lin’s jiemeis set a test for Chee Siang (he passed with the help of his xiongdis) and the groom’s party handed their ang pau. The whole entourage were in white, while the groom wore a black suit with blue tie and purple orchid corsage, and the bride looked beautiful in her princess wedding gown and matinee crystal necklace. After the long procession, the bride and groom were finally conducted to the family altar to pay their homage and receive their blessings.




Wedding Venue: Yan Ge Restaurant

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