Your First Wedding Planning To-Do List

He’s made his proposal, and you’ve said yes – now here comes the fun part.


Congratulations on your engagement! Now, if you’ve settled down from the surprise and elation brought by your engagement, you’re probably starting to be a little apprehensive about all the wedding preparation you have to do. But don’t get overwhelmed—with enough planning, you can have your dream wedding without a snag. Here are eight tasks you need to do to make sure your wedding goes as planned.

1.  Choose the right date. Sit down with your fiancé and determine how much time you’ll need to prepare for the wedding. For a simple wedding, you might be able to prepare everything in a few months, while a grand wedding may require over a year of preparation. You should also consider the availability of the people who are very important to you and whose attendance you require on your wedding.

2.  Set your wedding budget. The crude reality of wedding planning is that the type of your wedding will be determined by your budget as much as your desires, and you should only plan your wedding based on what your budget allows. In Singapore, the cost of a wedding rises in line with its level of formality and number of guests. The date, time and location are also major factors.


3.  Know your type of wedding. Before starting any real preparation, you and your fiancé should agree on the kind of wedding you’re going to have, where you will be holding it, and how many guests you want to come. Do you prefer a modern wedding or something more traditional? Indoor or outdoor? Other points of consideration are the preferences of your families and sponsors and whether you want to have a theme on your wedding.

4.  Consider hiring a consultant. If you’re like most young couples, you probably both have a tight schedule and could greatly benefit from hiring a full-time professional wedding planner or consultant. Though it will add to your wedding cost, hiring a consultant means you get expert advice on all the important aspects of your wedding, especially regarding your budget and organizing your vendors and wedding location.

5.  Create a timeline. Once you know what you want and how to get it, you need to map the progress of your wedding preparation. In your timeline, put everything you need to accomplish at every phase of your wedding – from six months before the wedding, to a month before, until the very wedding day. The closer you are to the big day, the more exact you should be on the execution of each task.

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6.  Select your wedding party. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be very involved in your wedding and its preparation. So inform them as soon as you get the chance to give them enough time to prepare for their roles. Keep in mind too that your wedding party will be devoting their time and may have to spend their own money for your wedding, so do show your appreciation of them.

7.  Shop for your wedding dress. Your gown will be a key feature of your wedding. It’s important that you have ample time to try on different dresses to make sure that you wear one that has the perfect style and fit for you. Most wedding boutiques in Singapore recommend that you order your dress six to nine months before the wedding to give you enough time for the fittings and alterations.

8.  Finalize your guest list. Having too much or too few guests can be rather dismaying, so before you commit to hold your solemnisation or reception at a particular venue, you should first have a final wedding guest list. This ensures that all your guests will be properly attended and that you can maintain the level of intimacy or liveliness that you want on your wedding.

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