Your Guide to Bridal Fitting Part 2

Shopping for your dress in a boutique shop can be overwhelming, especially when you see all the wedding dresses to choose from. But if you come prepared, knowing what style you want for your dress, you should be able to find the right dress for you in just a short time.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the dress you want:


1. Take notes on the different dress styles – As you search the racks for the style you like, try on at least three different styles. Jot down your comments for each style and fit to guide you in making a final choice. Take note also of the level of comfort each style gives you as this can give you an added confidence and grace. If you can take photos to go with your notes then that would be even better.

2. Listen to what others have to say – For your gown, a second opinion matters. Tag along a friend or a family member, or even both of them, so that they can tell you how they see you in the dresses that you try. Welcome their inputs on how you look in each dress and take note of their opinion. Having a friend or two to look at you will help you avoid missing a dress with the right style and perfect fit for you.

3. See it in 360 degrees – Make sure you get a good view of the dress on you in various angles. Don’t be too focused on the front: take a good look at how the fabric and cut fits you on the sides and the back as well. Let your company comment on how you look on every angle. Pick a style that will flatter your figure in every angle so that you don’t just look beautiful upfront but in all other angles.


4. Dance in it – The best way to know if you can move comfortably in that dress is not to simply walk around in it, but to dance! Do some moves and listen for any tearing sound. Your skirt should allow you to move your legs freely as you waltz. The bustle should be tight enough to hold your chest, but not so tight that you cannot breathe. Choose a dress that you can comfortably wear for hours.

5. See its color in natural light – Most dress shops have yellow or warm-colored lighting which will not bring out the natural color of the dress against your skin tone. For this, find a window where you can see the dress and your skin colors in natural light. See how white or beige the fabric is and its effect on your skin tone.  

6. Picture yourself in that dress on your wedding – If you can imagine yourself all made up and looking stunning in that dress and still feel that it’s you, then you have found your perfect dress! Take a mental picture of yourself with your hair styled, in full makeup and accessorized, and assess if it is the look you want for yourself on your wedding. Don’t try to look like someone else; rather, be the best version of the woman that your your husband-to-be has fallen in love with.  

Despite all the work in finding and wearing that dream dress, it will surely be worth it once it makes you feel not just beautiful but special on your wedding day.

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