Your Timeline to a Perfect Bridal Gown

Wedding dress shopping is, is often one of the most pleasurable and exciting part of wedding planning. Every bride gets excited thinking about the style of gown they’ll buy, where to shop, and how to find the perfect one. Now that it’s your time to experience the pressure and pleasure of searching for that jaw-dropping dress, here are a few pointers we’ve compiled to help you find the perfect bridal gown.


9 to 12 Months

Start searching for the style of gown you want. Imagine how you want your wedding dress to look like and write down a few adjectives that describes it, like royal, vintage, sophisticated, big, or tight-fitted. Search the Internet for photos of dresses that fits your description. Download or print them out for future references. Or you could also cut out pictures of wedding gowns from bridal magazines and brochures and bring these with you when shopping.

6 to 9 Months

Start shopping. The rule of thumb is to visit about three Singapore bridal salons and try on one to three wedding gowns in each stop, but don’t purchase a gown yet during the first salon visits and make sure to bring a camera with you so you can take pictures of every dress you try on. Give ample time to compare and contrast your options before placing your order, and make your purchase anywhere between the 6th and 8th month prior the wedding.

4 to 6 Months


This is the right time to decide and buy the accessories you need, such as your bag, shoes, jewelry, gloves, lingerie, headwear, and so on. If you’re on a weight loss plan, make sure to finish it by this time or before the fittings start. When the fittings begin, try your best not to lose or gain any weight.

2 to 4 Months

Your dress should arrive by this time. Now, you need to schedule your fittings. All major alterations (if there’s any) should take place on the first fitting. Make sure to wear your lingerie and wedding shoes on every fitting session. For your last fitting, bring your veil and the rest of your accessories so you can see your complete look and decide whether or not you need to do some styling changes.

1 to 3 Weeks


By this time, your wedding dress should be perfect and ready for pick up. To ensure that it fits you perfectly, especially if you’ve gained or lost any weight, try it on once more and make slight alterations as necessary. Make sure to get your seamstress’ opinion about any changes you intend to take. Once everything is set, store your dress in a safe and dry place. Hang it up high, so that even the hemline of your dress is off the floor.

Wedding gowns are important elements of weddings, especially for brides. With all the options provided in front of you, picking the right one can be a seriously difficult task. However, if you follow this timeline, you will see how pleasurable it is to shop for that perfect wedding dress of your dream.

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