Your Wedding Instant Print Checklist

If you want to give your wedding a little extra that’s stylish and hip and would make the day more memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests, then look no further than getting an instant prints. A trending practice in today’s parties and events, instant printing is a favorite among wedding guests for being convenient while instantly producing beautiful pictures, which they can keep as souvenirs or keepsakes of the occasion. Additionally, this service brings a lot to your wedding without taking a big portion of the cost.

So prep your guests to look fabulous and practice their poses, because with instant prints you’re sure to give them a cool pictorial treat. Here is a checklist of the finer points of instant prints to help you make sure you get a great experience and awesome results.


Photo Size

The question is “how big are the prints?” Typically, the sizes offered are 4R for tableshots and the more recommended credit card size, which is handier as your guests can easily slip the photos in their wallets. The 4R photos is better for live projection and group shots, such as those of your guests at their tables, while the credit card size is better suited for the pictures taken at the photobooth.

Photo Orientation

Normally the photo orientation for instant prints is landscape. But there are photography vendors who can offer prints in portrait orientation. Although it isn’t necessary to have both orientations as options, if you can have both for no additional cost then go ahead and avail the feature. Photo orientations after all have an effect on composition of the photos and how your guests will look.

Print Quality

Probably the most important concern in instant prints is the quality of printer, ink, and paper used as these will greatly affect the appearance of the photos and the durability of the print outs. Ask your photographer what kind of printer and ink they use, particularly whether they offer glossy or matte photo paper and not just cardboard paper.


The text and graphic design printed on the photo is the template and it should be customizable with no additional cost. For your template, you can design it with your wedding motif, your monogram or your names and the date to make the photos perfect mementos of your wedding. Be sure to check the template on the wedding day for final flourishes and tough-ups.



Ask about the props that your photographer can offer. Some of the popular props are hats, wigs and large sunglasses. Dialogue bubble or speech or thought balloons are also gaining popularity as props because they allow you to create witty or sweet statements on your photos making them more personalized.

Live Projection

Another fun feature of instant print service is the live projection. An interactive feature, this is often included in packages and presented during the cocktail hour or at mealtime to provide your guests with entertainment and points of conversation. Live projection uses an LCD projector to show the images gathered on the photographer’s computer, including the day’s highlights, your pre-wedding photos and other images that you may request.

File Sharing and Copies

How many copies can be allotted to your guests? This will depend on the system that your photographer and the team follow for a smooth flow shooting and quality printing. It will also depend on how much you can afford for the print outs. Ask your photographer how this can be settled in a competitive package. Some instant print providers offer digital copies of the photos via file sharing with your guests.


Set Up

You want to be sure that your photographer and his team will have a clean and organized set up of the photobooth, printing, display and claim areas. See also what design or color will be used for the photo wall. It should be customizable so that it reflects your color motif or theme. Another option is to simply have a series of your monogram patterned on the backdrop.

Number of Shots

You can have an unlimited number of shots for your guests. Just ask your photographer how they plan to execute this in a smooth and efficient manner so that your guests won’t have to wait too long for their turn or crowd at the photobooth or photo wall area. This will also depend on the price package of your photographer, your budget, and for how long you want the service.


How long you will have this service at your wedding banquet is really up to you. You can have it while your guests are arriving, while their having cocktails or as an activity after the meal in transition to the other part of your program. You can also opt to have it towards the end of your reception while your guests are dancing and partying. Just make sure that it serves as a fun activity for them before they leave.

Knowing exactly what you want for the photos such as the size, paper, and quality of printing will help you get your money’s worth with instant print. The template, props, and live projection are some of the extras for instant print you want to make the most out of so that it becomes a wonderful addition to your wedding to make it fun and truly memorable for your guests.

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