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7 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Themes for Unique Photos

Forget cliché, archaic, artless wedding photoshoots confined within four walls of a studio, look beyond the whitewashed backgrounds! You deserve a photoshoot as original and personal, just like the romance you share with your other half. We scoured the vast and endless internet for some of the most unique wedding photoshoots to inspire you to immortalize your marriage into pixels!  

1) Fairytale Themed

If you constantly compare your romance to a Disney fairytale, why not play up the surrealism and recreate your own ‘Happily Ever After’ in pictures? Take your pick of Disney princesses, or live the dream and design your own whimsical love story! When there are limited venues in Singapore (Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning etc.) to provide an ‘Enchanted Forest’ setting, (the Punggol lalang fields doesn’t provide a very arboraceous landscape unfortunately), why not give it a modern twist? Make use of the architecture in the city, at the same time maintaining a more exciting backdrop to your pictures!

fairy-1fairy-2 Photos by Kristen Booth


fairy-3fairy-4 Photos by D Park Photography


2) Food/Cooking Themed

Do you both enjoy a cookout session? Or perhaps, share a love for food? Maybe even met in NTUC while grocery shopping? Live out your Masterchef fantasy with a culinary themed engagement shoot! What’s better, a delectable dish of love awaits you after the shoot. After all, M.F.K Fisher once said, "Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly." In case you’re afraid you risk looking like an NTUC advertisement, add some actual cooking pictures into the mix! Now that’s a photoshoot with a little spice!

food-1food-2 Photos by Awesome Memories Photography


3.) Superhero Themed

With great power comes great responsibility, but with a great marriage comes great adventure! Embrace your new journey together as a crime fighting duo, or your childhood superhero. Every hero has their sidekicks, rope in your bridesmaids and groomsmen for your own Superhero Squad. This is a photoshoot even Ironman would be envious of.

hero-1hero-2 Photos by Pic a Boo.


4) Underwater Themed

If a regular photoshoot is too mainstream for you, why not dive deep and go underwater? The stunning visuals of the ocean in all its glory, with corals providing a frame for you, the experience and result from this cinematic feat Is sure to be one that will stay afloat in the minds of all your guests.

underwater-1 Photos by Tuckys Photography

underwater-2 Credits to Tuckys Photography.  

5.) Retro Themed

Go back to the 80’s- think laced fishnet veils, perfectly coifed hair, props you’d only find in the Mint Museum of Toys, and embrace the controlled chaos from that era! Embrace the retro era while combining traditional and modern elements to create a photoshoot that will remain timeless yet nostalgic as you look back and not only reminisce about the your childhood but your courtship and romance too.

retro-1retro-2 Photos by Samuel Goh Photography and Ting Wang


6) Zombie themed

You hear rustling, the distinct grumble of incoherent speech coming from a distance, you peer into the forest, and a pair of dehumanised eyes stares back, it’s just like a scene out of The Walking Dead, except it’s not- welcome to your very own Zombie themed wedding engagement photoshoot! Zombies are the new-fangled trend after vampires and werewolves so why not incorporate it into your wedding too? You can portray the story of the both of you fending off zombies while trying to salvage humankind, could there be anything more romantic?

zombie-1zombie-2 Credits to Where Were We.Photos by Adrian Teng.


7) Star Wars themed

Imagine marching down the street with your troupe of Clone troopers, all decked in armour ready to accomplish the latest mission- getting married. A Star Wars themed wedding photoshoot is like every fanboy’s (or fangirl’s) ultimate reverie. Even though Darth Vader’s mask may cloak your face for most part, the procession as you leave for battle sure does look impressive!

starwars-1starwars-2 Credits to One Eye Click

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