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April and Vincent - Love Will Find a Way

Newly Weds: April, Civil Servant Vincent, Civil Servant Peony Jade Dinner End of the Search Like most singles in Singapore, April and Vincent were looking for someone to love but were often too busy with their jobs to socialize and meet new people. So to make matters simpler, the two took their chances and joined a gokon, a group date where separate networks of friends meet with each other. The pair connected easily: both were in the civil service, shared the same beliefs, and even looked quite alike. But most especially, they were looking for the same thing, something which they found in each other. Later that night, numbers were exchanged, hearts fluttered, and both felt that their search was finally over. Proposal at the Park April calls Vincent’s proposal the “most traditional method”, but it was just perfect for her. On the day of the proposal, April had sensed that something was up but couldn’t quite pin it until she met Vincent at the East Coast Park. There her man stood with a bouquet of flowers, presented her with a beautiful diamond ring, and with the sea breeze blowing around them, asked April to be his wife. Yes was her answer, absolutely, yes. A New Experience There were a couple of new things the couple experienced as they prepared for their wedding, but none had the same combination of fun and unease as having their pre-wedding photoshoot. According to April, there were quite some “awkwardness in the beginning as we needed to act in front of a stranger.” But while they were unfamiliar with posing, they eventually felt comfortable under the direction of their photographer and though both were tired at the end of the day, they say that they actually had fun with the experience. A Well-Planned Wedding The couple wanted their wedding to be special and they knew that they had to work hard to make that happen — and so they did. They saved for months, had lengthy discussions about their wedding, and carefully chose all the things involved in it. Finally, on the 30th of October, all their preparation paid off and the whole wedding went perfectly. “It was a romantic and natural wedding,” April says, and what made it special was that they had already paid for everything and did not have to rely on any installment plans, which isn’t a simple feat to do in Singapore. She also said that the success of their wedding relied on their coordinators who marvelously planned their whole itinerary. The party had their reception at the Peony Jade, where their families celebrated their union and used the event as their own get-together session. The whole event went smoothly and the couple had no worries at all. “We were later told by our relatives and colleagues that we both looked really cheerful and happy,” April says. Wedding Venue: Peony Jade
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