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What All Brides Should Know about Choosing a Wedding Planner

Too busy to organize your entire wedding by yourself? Then it’s probably a good idea to get some help! The large majority of brides-to-be do not have the time and resources to plan the entire ceremony by themselves. For many of us, trying to do so would only put unnecessary stress to ourselves and our fiancé. So avoid the misery and just hire someone – you would probably save yourself from some white hair!
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It is a common misconception that wedding planners are expensive to hire, when in fact, their services are quite economical, especially in proportion to the amount of stress you can save yourself. Here’s our tips to help you choose a wedding planner. Firstly, the wedding planners you’re considering to hire should have a portfolio of the event’s they’ve managed, and a list of their services with the corresponding cost. The packages they’ll provide should be clearly stated: whether they will work for you for the entire duration of your wedding preparation, only during the actual wedding day, or anywhere in between. Keep in mind that some wedding planners offer consulting-only services, while others provide a full package where you would hardly need to do anything. It is really up to you what type of package you opt for. Make sure to discuss their prices thoroughly, and enquire about any hidden costs they may have. Starting on a clear ground would save all parties from misunderstandings in the future.

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After providing them with your ideas for your wedding, a good wedding planner should be able to give some recommendations based on your specifications. The planner could suggest possible color themes and types of decor that would fit your requirements, as well as give a professional opinion on which ideas work and which ones don’t. It is also wise to hire a wedding planner who will be able to give you the full picture of what could happen on your wedding in various scenarios. For example, it would be beneficial to have a backup plan for an open-air, poolside wedding in case the weather turns bad. An experienced wedding planner would also be able to provide insights on these seemingly small details that would be disastrous to leave out.

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