Coordinating Your Wedding Details Through Your Wedding Theme

Here’s how to give your wedding an awesome, unified look


Can’t decide on a colour theme for your wedding? As a bride-to-be, you’ll definitely have a lot of things on your mind and a lot of decisions to make, one of the first should be your wedding colour theme. This is because once you know what you want your big day to look like, it will be easier to choose your wedding details.

Choosing your wedding theme can be as simple as picking your favorite colour – let’s say pink – and then choosing one other colour based on the feel you want for your wedding. For example, bubblegum pink paired with bright red would give you a glamorous atmosphere; paired with teal, and you’ll get a chic, modern look; meanwhile, rosy pink and orange will give you a fresh and fun vibe.

In planning your special occasion, it is crucial to pick the colour or colours that you really like. As this chosen colour will be heavily displayed on every part of your wedding, you have to make sure you and your husband-to-be agree on this. (It’d be awful if this becomes the cause of your first spat on your wedding journey, wouldn’t it?)

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Here is a short list of the details your favourite colour will adorn:

Wedding invitations – Put a bit of flair in your wedding invitations by attaching flowers or ribbons on the envelope using you chosen colour scheme.

Your guests’ outfit – Generally, wedding is a formal occasion. Guests come in wearing their long sleeved polos or their best Sunday dresses. You can request them to add creativity in their get up with splashes of your chosen colour.

Wedding cake – Your wedding cake is a highlight in your wedding. This symbolizes abundance in your relationship. Traditionally, newlywed couples get to eat the first slice while having their pictures taken with their wedding cake. Incorporate your chosen colour to your wedding cake as well.

Your floral décor – No wedding existed without flowers. Pick a variety of flowers that matches your chosen colour. Get your florist’s advice on this matter.

Favours or giveaways – Party favours are normally given to the guests before the celebration ends. Add a dramatic detail to your giveaways by adorning it with ribbons and laces that matches your colour scheme.

Table cloths and table runners – These are important in your table setting. Coordinate with your party host as they will supply all the things needed for the party itself.

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Different seasons have different popular colours that are incorporated with it. Weddings on the months of December, January and February usually have bold red and gold hues to match the festive mood. Winter weddings often utilize the silver, blue and white trio colour scheme. Other favourite colours used during weddings are the soft pink, the dainty purple and the sunny yellow. These are striking hues to complement the personalities of the couple.

Finding the appropriate supplies you need to match your wedding theme and your chosen colour scheme is quite an ambitious goal, but is certainly tangible. Together with your partner, unleash your creative prowess. Planning your big day is one hefty task, just make sure that amidst all the pressure and stress, you and your husband to be enjoy every minute of it.

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