Dennis and Rachel – A Test of Faith

Of Friends and Meetings

True friends are priceless, as Rachel and Dennis would attest. The two were keeping themselves busy with their careers – her as a senior business development manager, and him as a project manager – when they were pulled together by their mutual friends and introduced to each other. And from that meeting, something bloomed – something that would eventually culminate into a wedding.

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Surprise Proposal

It was while Rachel was in a business meeting in Hong Kong that Dennis realized how he would like to spend the rest of his life. Quite the romantic, he called a cousin in Hong Kong, who then eagerly arranged the proposal with him. Dennis then got the ring, flew out of Singapore and went to the special place where Rachel has been told to wait. 1,600 miles later, the two met once again and Dennis finally made his proposal.

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A Fateful Photoshoot

Things don’t always go according to plan though, as was certainly the case when Rachel and Dennis had their pre-nuptial photoshoot. The couple intended to have an outdoor shoot, but had to use indoor locations instead due to a heavy downpour. But while the rain may have soaked everything outside, Rachel and Dennis’s spirit was not dampened at all, thanks to their humble and amazingly patient photographer, Dick from Chris Ling Studio.

According to Rachel, “[He] was able to get us into the mood swiftly, directing us with easy poses that all turned out really well. We had been warned the day will be very tiring, but we both had great fun and honestly, not a wee bit tired at all!”

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Families and Weddings

While marriage should be about the couple, Rachel said that theirs was like dealing with the affairs of two villages. “There were so many considerations and unforeseen awkward situations to manage,” said Rachel, who had to find compromises between the different opinions of their families. Rachel calls her wedding “a test of faith” and her greatest challenge ever.

But that’s only to be expected, especially here in Singapore, where the opinions of the elderly are highly valued and respected. And so while Rachel originally wanted a jazzy blue wedding gown, she had to change to something with a classic Oriental touch after the advice of her elderly. She still thinks that her first choice matched the wedding theme better, but believes she made the right decision to change, sying, “Seeing everyone who matters in my life happy makes me happy too.”

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A Special Affair

In the end, the couple did find a great compromise to their wedding design. Their center stage was decorated in red with touches of silver, ivory and maroon, which Rachel believes is a perfect merge of contemporary elements with a classical Chinese setup. To make her wedding more interesting, Rachel jazzed things up by getting four couple friends of theirs to walk down the aisle with them during their second march in. By having such a unique arrangement, Rachel hopes that this would keep guests excited midway into dinner.

Sometimes, we wonder who’s wedding is it anyway, with the barrage of input from two families. But when we learn to understand that weddings are not simply about two people, then we begin to uncover the hidden beauty behind these occasions.

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Bridal Studio, Groom’s Suit, Make Up Artist: Z Wedding D’sign
Photographer: Chris Ling Studio
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