Letting go attractive full wedding package (Pre wedding & AD) from BLUEBAY Wedding
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    Letting go attractive full wedding package (Pre wedding & AD) from BLUEBAY Wedding

    1 of the TOP best bridal shop in Singapore for their excellence service
    Just due to personal setback, have to let this package goes...

    *PRE-WEDDING 10 hrs photoshoot*
    ( in Taiwan)
    They have 2 storey bridal shop for u to select gowns
    Plus u Don’t have to pay anything for the crew accom n flight

    - Free Stylist will come along for shoot ( would cost +$250)
    - 1 photo flying wheel
    - Free layout designing for Album
    - Free Courier delivery charge for album photo ( would cost +$150-400)
    - Free transport for 4hrs ( would cost +$90)

    - 10hrs photoshoot session
    - 4 wedding gowns & evening dress
    ( from all range)
    - Bride make up & Free eyelashes
    - Hairstyling & headpieces
    - Groom make up & hairstyling
    - 2 European style suits
    - 50 edited soft copies
    - 36 printed pages
    - Canvas effect & waterproof arrangement
    - 6R mini duplicate album
    - Canvas photography frame in 30”x24”

    Can Chose different gowns from Singapore Shop

    - Inclusive of Photographer
    - If you like the gown in taiwan more than what they have in Singapore Shop, they will ship over for your actual day for free!

    - 10 hrs Photography
    - Return all shots in soft copies
    - 1 Wedding gown ( all range)
    - 1 Evening gown
    - 1 tea dress
    - 2 Bridal accessories & headpieces
    - 2 make up & hairdo
    - 2 men suit
    - 1 bridal hand bouquet
    - 6 flower corsages
    - Unlimited car deco

    Add on:
    - photoshoot serum & make up base $25
    - +$18/hr after the 4hrs for prewedding transport
    - Attraction ticket fee if applicable
    - Over 10hrs working time for staff
    - Trial make up +$80
    - AD ampoules & eyelashes
    - AD before 7am charges +$50/hr for make up artist and photographer each
    - 2 way transportation for make up artist

    Price is negotiable, just chat with me and we will work out the best solution for both side
    Deposited: $3,800

    Please email me at miccatpink711@gmail.com if you have any enquiries

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    May I know why u decide to sell off the package and where did u initially sign at?

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    Hii I sign at bows
    My family member is really sick
    Not sure if she’s able to make it
    Kind of need money and don’t think we are getting married anytime soon due to this

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    Heard nice reviews on Bluebay! Go check this out one guys

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    Hello is it still available?

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    Lovely package! Thanks for sharing this offer ~

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    I was a bride that had engaged the company back in 2019. Mostly my experience differed from their facebook reviews that are mostly raving, and will be comparable to the handful with negative feedbacks.

    If you read carefully through, there is a similar trend on how reviews are left, mostly citing specific coordinator, MUA and photography etc and described in length how marvellous they are professionally or as human beings. I have no doubt some of those may be real, but the percentage is exaggerated and the extent of details provided by those brides seemed to be a lil artificial. But that's my view.

    It took me more than a year to decide to share my experience as I had previously thought it as a hassle to drop a review but I think I should, just to share some honest reviews with brides to be, since my wedding is long over and I do not have to deal with them anymore.

    I will like to just highlight some key pain points I experienced 1)They will promise the world when coercing u to sign a contract and try to convince u to pay in full upfront, citing u 101 freebies + sweet talking. I think this gimmick is natural for all wedding studios and is up to you to do the homework on how reasonable you think their price point is. If I recall, I paid about $2K and opted for a local shoot and engaged an actual day photographer through them upfront. I will not go into details at this point of the full package but I think they are largely similar. At the same time, I don't think this price is exorbitant. I had really wanted to just find an ok wedding studio and get the shoot done with etc.

    2) MUA assigned was quite poor vis a vis any other make up artists I had engaged for other sort of studio photoshoot. The look was just... below average but I wasn't offer options. I would say she was a nice person who was on time and all that, but the skills... Was below average. My whole look was... Unnatural and it shows up on photos. As I also engaged the MUA on the actual day, it was to my horror that she was unable to help me put on the main white gown properly, unlike how the coordinator had helped dressed me during gown testing. My "assets" looked like they were fitted into a gown too small, with them almost looking scandalous. Thankfully I have other gowns to change into and I cut short the duration I wore the main gown.

    3)Despite raving reviews of their photographer and the nice photos they showed online, the one assigned to me asked us to pose in very old fashion ways very typical of old school wedding photos... So the results look very 90s as compared to the current style of wedding shoot. In fact, I engaged a freelance photographer in Malaysia for a casual couple shoot before the bluebay wedding shoot. It was dirt cheap and the photos were at least ten times better. So much so I decided to also display the casual shoot's photo album on my reception desk for guests to browse.

    4)Their phone line is forever engaged or the assigned coordinator to me whose name starts with a V was forever busy with other client or on leave. It is hard to coordinate to request for wedding gown testing dates. While other reviews said that they will preselect very nice gowns for you to try, I don't think this is true. Their usual tactic for each round of testing (for me) is this: allow u to test 2 or 3 old and dated gowns (I mean OLD. They even try to tell u it will not show up in photos) and then 1-2 better ones. So that it will be clear which one you will shortlist. As the whole gown selection coordinating process and testing is just long and painful, the process will force you to try to shortlist all your gowns within 2 testing sessions, unless you are super patient. They will drag out the process of allocating u a slot to try for gown citing many reasons, and which forces you to make your decision due to shortage of time as your wedding draws near.

    5) Their Facebook reviews said the coordinator joined couples in the photo selecting process to give guidance. Didn't happen to me. Neither did it happen to another couple selecting their photos on the same date as us. Basically, they designed a software that forced u to select photos as you browse in predefined clusters of photos, as they do not allow you to scroll back and forth for comparison across photos. (What is this right?!). I guess the software forces couples to decide quickly or select more photos to top up if they are indecisive. I was quite the decisive sort so I kept to the number of photos I paid for.

    Overall, I am just glad the whole experience is long over and I did get my photos etc. I have to say I don't have other experience to compare mine with. But given a choice if I could revisit my original decision to engage them, I wouldn't.

    Did they deliver the package? Yes. Was their service excellent? No. Was the price reasonable? I think it was fine for me. 4)How did the photos turn out? So so, maybe 6.5/10.. Kinda dated. If I am to search them up now based on the mostly favourable reviews they left viewable on their facebook, I probably would still have selected them.

    I will leave u to make your own decisions,

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