For persons getting married in Singapore, do take note of the rules that you have to abide by.

1. Notice of Marriage
Whenever any person desire to marry in Singapore, one of the parties to the intended marriage shall sign and give to the Registrar a notice via

2. Marriage within prohibited degrees
A marriage between a man and any of the persons mentioned in the first column of the First Schedule (click here) or between a woman and any of the persons mentioned in the second column of that Schedule shall be void.

3. Avoidance of marriages between persons of same sex
A person who has undergone sex re-alignment procedure can file a notice to get married.

4. Marriage licence
A marriage licence can only be issued on proof of conditions (see details below) by Statutory Declaration and after expiration of 21 days (notice period) and before expiration of 3 months from the date of the notice.

The Registrar shall not issue a marriage licence until he has been satisfied by Statutory Declaration made by each of the parties to the proposed marriage that:

a) for couples where at least one party is not a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, one of the parties to the intended marriage must have been physically present in Singapore for at least 15 days preceding the date of the notice. (Please note that the day of arrival in Singapore is not included.);

b) each of the parties is 21 years of age or above, or if not, is divorced or is a widower or widow or has had his or her previous marriage declared null and void;
c) if either party is a minor who has not been previously married, the consent of the appropriate person mentioned in the Second Schedule (click here) must have been given in writing or consent of the High Court has been given;
d) neither party is below the age of 18 years (by the date of solemnization);
e) there is no lawful impediment to the marriage; and
f) neither of the parties to the intended marriage is married under any law, religion, custom or usage to any person other than the person with whom such marriage is proposed to be contracted.

5. Understanding the English Language
If any party giving a notice of marriage or making a Statutory Declaration does not understand the English (and Mandarin) language, click here to 'arrange for a Certified Interpreter from an Embassy' to be present at VD/SD appointment and at solemnization.

6. Special Marriage Licence (SML)
A marriage authorised by SML must be solemnized within 1 month from the date of the licence.

7. Requirements of a valid marriage
Every marriage solemnized in Singapore shall be void unless it is solemnized on the authority of a valid licence or special marriage licence and by a person granted a licence to solemnize marriages.

Every marriage shall be solemnized in the presence of at least 2 credible witnesses above 21 years old.

No marriage shall be solemnized unless the Licensed Solemnizer is satisfied that both the parties to the marriage freely consent to the marriage.

8. Registration of marriage solemnized
After the solemnization ceremony, every marriage shall immediately be registered by the Registrar in the Certificate of Marriage. The entry of such marriage in the Certificate of Marriage, shall be signed by the Registrar, or an Assistant Registrar or a Deputy Registrar, solemnising the marriage and by the persons married; and be attested by 2 other credible witnesses present at the solemnization.