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    I recently had my wedding dinner at Copthorne King's hotel. I would definitely not be recommending this hotel to anyone. My experience with Copthorne King's hotel has been very frustrating and disappointing.

    There were several issues faced during the period leading up to my wedding day:
    (1) My coordinator was a "yes-man" and very amiable in person, but many of the things he promised he failed to deliver on. Mostly, these were details of our wedding package. However, on many occasions, he promised to update my husband and I via e-mail "tomorrow", but never did.
    (2) My coordinator offered poor advice. When I asked him earlier for the letter to begin processing our invitation cards, he expressed it was too early and only gave me the letter less than 2 months prior to my wedding day after I repeatedly asked. When I got to the printers, I was informed by them that I was very "last-minute" and others usually came much earlier as it takes 2-3weeks to print. Hence, I only received my invitation cards about a month before my wedding day and could only begin posting out invitations then!
    (3) My coordinator was very unhelpful. He was unable to offer solutions to several problems encountered. One major problem was my father-in-law not having the correct hotel room type upon check-in. We had booked, through my coordinator, a "deluxe room" for him but were instead given a much smaller "superior room". My husband's aunt was unable to check-in entirely, being told that she had no booking. We had also booked her a "deluxe room" through my coordinator. These bookings had been acknowledged by him through e-mail. After trying to resolve the issue with the hotel's front desk and failing (both were told the hotel was "fully booked"), I was informed of their situation. When I told my coordinator, he simply asked me to have them try to speak to the front desk again.
    (4) My coordinator was not forthcoming with details during our meetings. On our final meeting (less than 2 weeks before our actual day), we informed him that we were likely to only have 23 tables (instead of the original 25). We discussed the possibility of paying for 25 tables, serving only 23 tables on the actual day, and saving the remaining 2 tables as "credit" for future use. He said it would not be a problem. However, I received an e-mail from him a few days later stating that we can only use 1 table as "credit" and this had to be used within a month from our wedding day.

    There were issues on the wedding day itself and later on too:
    Smaller issues -
    (1) We were promised flower petals on the bed in the bridal suite as part of the "standard decorations". As such, we did not prepare any flowers to decorate the bridal suite - we had decorated the rest of our venues accordingly. When we arrived in the bridal suite on the day, there were no such "standard decorations". We had no choice but to make do with the plain room for our video-shoot.
    (2) The dinner was delayed because of the hotel. We had sent our schedule to the coordinator prior to the actual day and he had acknowledged receiving it. On the actual day, we stuck to the schedule and did our first march-in on time. However, the hotel was not ready to serve the food hence the guests were kept waiting.
    (3) The background music supplied by the hotel was terrible in that the tracks skipped and stalled.
    (4) My coordinator had said during earlier meetings that we could do a shorter march-in or a longer march-in and that both are easily arranged for (different route). On the day, we wanted to do a shorter first march-in then a longer second march-in so the guests on the farther end were not left out, but he said we could not as there was insufficient room to march through the longer route.
    Major issues -
    (1) My helpers experienced difficulty negotiating with the hotel staff to have the food from the 24th table (unoccupied table) packed for take-away. The hotel staff continued to put food onto the unoccupied table.
    (2) We were promised a $60 complimentary voucher for room service. We ordered room service after the wedding dinner, but nothing ever came. I informed our coordinator and he promised to "look into it". However, I have never heard back from him. He was also unable to offer an alternative (for instance, compensation) for their lapse in service.
    (3) I was informed by the hotel staff that I am supposed to hear from my coordinator regarding the remaining credit from the 25th table that we paid for. He is supposed to advise me regarding how I may use this credit. The credit (I was told) is to expire a month after my wedding day. I have not heard from my coordinator still. I have written in to the hotel and have not heard from them either.

    To anyone who is considering this hotel for your wedding - do think twice!

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    Thought we could share our 2 cents worth on Copthorne King's Hotel here...

    My fiancee, C and I stumbled upon Copthorne King's (CKS) while researching on Furama Riverfront Hotel to host our wedding sometime in June next year. While we loved Furama's high ceiling and retrofitted interior (Jupiter Ballroom) went we visited the place, we felt that we needed to check out one other location before committing and we went to CKS.

    First thing that hit us about CKS when we entered the lobby, was how the inviting ambience made us felt very comfortable on the onset. During our initial visit on a Monday afternoon, we had the pleasure to be served by their Sales Manager, Ivan. He is a cheery fellow and always good for a laugh, and we felt very welcomed in his presence. His thoughtfulness shows in the manner he addressed our concerns (long march in vs. short march in ... go figure...), little things like ensuring that our cup of tea is always filled, while pointing out to us that they will be having a new package out for the BOWS event which would suit us better if we were able to wait and that he would tentatively reserve our preferred dates until the event.

    Our second meeting was at BOWS, this time we wanted to see the new package Ivan had promised and just as he had anticipated, it did suit our needs better. However, as C was going to be away for a week, and we wanted to more time to discuss, Ivan was very helpful in that he suggested to keep that reserved in our name until C came back from her trip. We couldn't be more grateful to his kind gesture.

    What my fiancee and I truly appreciate during these 2 encounters, is that Ivan was not pushy about his hotel package, and he was willing to put his interest on the line just so that we can have the time to discuss and make an informed decision. We posed Ivan several questions during BOWS pertaining to the Wedding Package that we were offered, and he was able to provide us with answers/solutions that set our mind at ease. This made us felt that Ivan was someone we could entrust to help us hold our banquet at CKS.

    By the time of our 3rd encounter and second visit to CKS, we had become rather fond of Ivan's professionalism and delightful hospitality. During the session, we confirmed the location. To help us along, Ivan even emailed us a list of things to prepare for our wedding ceremony and banquet after the meeting! To which, we commend his level of customer service.

    To anyone who might be exploring CKS, we recommend speaking to Ivan!

    We will be sharing more updates (food tasting sessions, planning etc... ) as time go along!

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    Hotel is good, food is good, staff is professional. Would recommend.

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    Now that our wedding banquet has come and gone, here's what my lovely wife and I thought about it:

    We had a few criteria in choosing the location for our wedding banquet:
    a) Location - it had to be a central location so that it was easy for all our guests to travel to
    b) The food had to be top notch - so many times we have gone to wedding banquets and the food was so-so
    c) Ambience - my wife loves traditional chinese decor

    And Copthorne King's Singapore (CKS) not only met all our above criteria - it went far beyond our expectations!

    From the time we checked-in till we checked-out, the service staff of CKS have been courteous, professional and pleasant to work with. The front desk staff helped us check in swiftly and easily, so that we had ample time to prepare for the evening. The duty staff at the club lounge addressed us by our names and even congratulated us on our marriage. The level of service shown to us by the service staff was consistent throughout.

    There is however one other person that deserves to have his own special mention for his dedication to making our wedding banquet a success: Senior Sales Manager, Ivan Tan. From the day we met him, up till the end of our wedding banquet, he has been a man of his word. When we first met him, he was very detailed in explaining to us details of the wedding banquet package and tailored it according to our needs such as adequate parking for our guests and a comfortable space for our guests to move around during our banquet. He never pressured us to sign a package with CKS right from the start as he wanted us to be comfortable with this huge 'investment' and when we did so, he assured us that he would be there to see us through each step of the way.

    Prior to the commencement of the banquet, Ivan met up with our MCs, Banquet IC and myself to run through the itinerary. The manner he handled the briefing, showed clearly how experienced he was. His instructions were clear and concise, and he even anticipated the questions that we asked and made arrangements to address those concerns. His proactiveness in coordinating our banquet really helped calmed our nerves, and we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding banquet.

    During the banquet proper, everything ran smoothly even with some surprises my wife and friends threw to Ivan to help organise. The food certainly did not disappoint and our guests had many good things to say about it as well. Do try the Fried Honey-glazed Cod Fish cubes for the cold dish and the yam paste for the dessert!

    We are extremely grateful to the staff of Copthorne King's Singapore for making our special event both memorable and enjoyable.

    Our final advice for those planning to organise a wedding banquet soon, look for Ivan. He's your man!


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    Any reviews I can read for Copthorne Kings?

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    how much is the 2017 pricelists?

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