Guidelines on Choosing a Wedding Video Package

Choosing a wedding video packages can be a tad difficult, especially with its many jargons that can easily confuse a layperson. In some cases, you might be distracted by the overpriced, flashy frills that you don’t really want; while in other cases, you might encounter a fancy-sounding package that has a rather disappointing sample.

It’s important to understand what is being offered to you. You should be able to assess if you want the services being offered to you so that you get value for your money. To know what the videographer is offering, watch his demos and previous wedding video productions. Here are some aspects you need to observe to guide you in selecting a video package that is worth the price you’ll be paying for.


Video Execution and Content

1.   Shots

Angle, composition, framing, lighting – these make up a single shot in a video. But you don’t have to single out each element as you watch every shot in the video. Rather, simply try to appreciate the shots out of how these elements work together.

Is the angle of the camera flattering to the features of the subject in the shot? Are there any unwanted objects seen in the shot? For example: during the bride and groom’s ceremonial kiss, can you can see some distracting object like an electric fan at the corner of the shot? Is there a wedding guest whose face is cut on one side by the frame of the shot? Is the lighting sufficient or is it too glaring that it washes out the subjects? These are some aspects you need to look into to assess that the shots are done professionally.

A video that has variety and does not repeat shots is an indication that enough footage was taken. Repetitive shots are okay only under creative license and if it appeals to you for cinematic effect. Are the images crisp and clear and shot steadily or are they shaky and raw in an effort to give it a documentary approach? Keep in mind that the shots also show you the videographer’s style.

2.   Transition and Effects

Some production companies boast that they use the latest editing software that features an array of special effects. However, most of these effects actually only make a wedding video look more common and, sometimes, even tacky. So why should you want it for your own? It’s true that editing is labor intensive, but with the unnecessary extra effects it only makes the work less efficient and the output undesirable. Steer away from these fancy effects.

Good quality editing required smooth and subtle transitions from one frame to another. While a videographer may use some effects to highlight certain scenes, these effects should never be used to compensate for a lack of talent or videographic skill.


3.   Sound

Audio is an often under-appreciated aspect of wedding videography. But just watch two videos – one with a great video and sound, and one that has an equally good video quality but poor audio – and you’ll see, or rather hear, the difference.

No matter how perfectly your exchange of “I do’s” is shot, if the voices are muffled, the record will just feel disappointing. To preserve your wedding on high-quality video, you should also have clear and crisp audio devoid of any unwanted background noise. Whether it’s the sound of your voices or the musical soundtrack, quality is key. As you view demos, pay close attention to sounds too. If you are able to appreciate the messages and the music without straining your ear then the videographer values sound in his work.

The transition of music should also be edited seamlessly. From music to voice over to sound on tape, these audio clips must be joined together in the same range of volume and in the right pitch and temper.

While it’s true that videography can be as expensive as photography, it should be reasonably priced. Assessing your prospective videographers’ outputs and discerning what you need and want will help you a lot to get good-quality video coverage at just the right price. With just some basic knowledge on video content, you will be more confident in picking the right video package for your wedding.



1.   Cameras

The bill should include the quality of equipment that must, at least, include digital HD cameras. Aside from the kind of equipment used, the videographer’s style should maximize the features through their skill. Be wary of a cameraman who seems glued to the tripod as his shots will have poor variety when it comes to angling. A camera on tripod is only good for steady shots or panning. If the videographer charges a high price but will only be using a tripod setup, then that is not value for your money.

As to how many cameras should be used, at least two is necessary so that you don’t miss any highlights and other special moments, as well as ti have a variety of shots or footages. One of the cameras should ideally be steady while the other is used by a videographer discreetly shooting from strategic points in the area. Ask where the steady camera will be located and if it will be moved once in a while to capture different perspectives, as it should.

2.   Microphones

Do not forgo getting the wireless microphone in the package. This is very important especially when there will be noises from the background when you say your vows. Take a look at the microphones they will use and ask how they will set them up and how they can effectively capture the sound. Using the right wireless microphone that is discreet and effective is the ticket to perfectly capturing the sound of your vows to match the beautiful visuals.

The last thing you’d want when watching your wedding video is the music or some background noise drowning out your heartfelt words. A lavalier microphone, a kind of discreet microphone attached to the lapel, is usually the type used for this recording.


The Final Product

1.   Copies

Know how many copies you can get from your package. Also, find out how your videographers will package your copies. Direct printing on DVD via inkjet-printable surfaces is a good choice. Adhesive labels are not advisable since they tear over time and can also damage the DVD.

Find out also if you can reproduce the content of the DVD since some production companies impose a copyright on the material and disallow copying or will charge you for creating extra copies. There are, however, also some companies that only charge extra for additional DVD copies that require time, effort, and materials on their part.

2.   Frills and Pricing

Refrain from added features that only let the company charge extra for something that you don’t really want in the first place. Discuss with your groom-to-be to discern the extras that you need from those that you can do away with.

More than the equipment and the frills, talent and skill are still the cornerstone of any good weddign video. Don’t buy into the gimmicks of companies that charge primarily because of their equipment. High-end equipment will help improve your wedding video, but it’s still better to invest on just hiring talended and skilled videographers.

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