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How To Choose a Wedding Dress

You will be the centerpiece of your big day, and your gown will get all the attention it can get! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to look your best, I’m sure all you Brides-to-Be out there will want the perfect gown for the occasion. Congratulations for making the decision to read these articles before making the dive; it will save you a lot of hassle and heartache! So here’s Perfect Wedding’s guide to choosing your perfect wedding dress.

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1) Factor in All Costs We know having a wedding is expensive, so be diligent and calculate all the costs involved in getting your wedding dress! This includes your headpiece and veil, which could amount from $60 to even $600 depending on the types you choose. Don’t forget shoes, wedding jewelry and lingerie as well! These would easily add a significant amount to your budget set aside for your wedding gown. In addition, most gowns would require alterations, so keep these items in mind! 2) Make time for the hunt We know Singaporean women are a busy lot; most have full time careers which take up 5 days off the entire week. But if you can, try to take time off to search for the wedding dress of your dreams. Chances are, you will probably get more of the salesperson’s attention and time, as compared to going down on a weekend. Also, you would have more time to go to different shops to check out the full range of dresses they have, which means more chances of spotting your perfect gown.

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3) Saving Tips If you don’t need an extravagant gown, exclude hand-done lacework or beading dresses from your choices. Hand-done gowns are usually more expensive than the usual due to the time, effort and laborious effort put in. Consider wearing your mum’s dress if it still fits your size and style. This could easily save you hundreds from renting or buying a gown. Choose a simple yet elegant veil and headpiece, or request to rent them instead of purchasing. 4) Underneath Counts! We recommend selecting undergarments which are close to your skin tone. This would eliminate the chance of them being seen through your dress! You wouldn’t want your lingerie to play peek-a-boo on your most precious day!

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5) Be Open Minded When looking through bridal dresses, don’t eliminate any one at first look. Try on different types of dresses; you never know which one will look the best! You only have this one chance to experiment, make the most of it! Trying on different styles of gowns allows you to make a better and more complete decision. After seeing yourself in the dresses and getting the opinions of your friends and family, then you can slowly eliminate which ones do not fit your style and size. If the salesperson brings you a dress you don’t like at first glance, give it a chance and try it on! Many brides have fallen head over heels in love with a dress which the salesperson had to convince to try on. Keep a lookout on Perfect Weddings for more insights on how to choose your perfect wedding dress!

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