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How to Choose Your Wedding Ring

Getting ready to make that proposal? With your future bride’s happiness at stake, how do you choose a wedding ring that will make her cry with joy? Perfect Wedding is here to help you choose that perfect wedding ring!
two wedding ring
Firstly, you need to gauge the size of your girlfriend’s fourth finger on her left hand. You can estimate when your hands are interlocking or use a measuring tape when she’s sleeping – do whatever you have to do to get the right measurement without her knowing! This is important to ensure a good fit when you put it on her finger to propose. Don’t be too worried about this though. If it does not fit initially, most jewelry shops will allow you to bring it back for adjustment. Because of it’s shine and rarity, solitaire rings are a popular choice for proposal. It’s designs are classic, which like your love for her, can withstand the test of time and fashion trends. Here are the 4Cs that you should keep in mind when choosing your ring.

1) Carat

To put it simply, it is the weight of the diamond. It is often overemphasized, but a diamond high in carat but low in its other factors do not make it a valuable one! Larger diamonds are more expensive due to their weight, which is the carat.

2) Cut

People often think a diamond’s cut is the same as it's shape. However, there's a major difference: the cut refers to how reflective the diamond’s interior is, whereas the shape (e.g. emerald or pear shaped) refers to, well, its shape. A diamond’s brilliance comes from its cut, which shows how important a good cut is.

3) Clarity

Diamonds often have flaws in them, which are developed during formation. The number, size and how visible these flaws are, determine a diamond’s clarity. Clear diamonds shine more brightly, and thus are more rare and expensive.

4) Color

Diamonds that sparkle the most are those that allow the maximum refraction of light. These are often colorless diamonds, as off-white diamonds inhibit brilliance due to absorption of light. However, an untrained eye would be unable to tell the difference in color. Few diamonds are totally colorless, thus the less color a diamond has, the higher its price.
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