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How to Choose Wedding Flowers in 3 Easy Ways

Flower Bouquets add that extra Oomph to your wedding dress and ceremony decor. What is a wedding without flowers? They set the whole mood for the reception and give your wedding gown an angel’s touch. But how exactly do you choose the perfect wedding flowers?
Purple Bouquet
1) Imagine How would your wedding look like? Inject your taste and style into your wedding vision. Are you the true romantic? Or you prefer a minimalistic approach? Take a look at some wedding reception pictures to cement the images of your wedding that you have in your mind; it could give you some ideas of what types of flowers to go for. This would prove useful especially if you have absolutely no idea on flower species and what kind of mood they create. If you are engaging a wedding planner, she could help you to source for flowers which would match your style. 2) The Color Wheel Flowers come after knowing what are the bridesmaid gowns, groomsmen and mum’s attire. Choosing the color theme for the clothes is primary. Only after that will you be able to match the right flowers with the dress code. If you have a color scheme and favorite flowers in mind, let your florist know and see if she’s able to match them up to fit with what your bridesmaids and groomsmen are wearing. Picking the flowers before choosing the attire runs a risk of mismatch.
Rose Bouquet
3) Dollars and Cents The number of tables you have for your wedding ceremony would have a great impact on the quantity of flowers needed to order. If you intend on having a floral centerpiece for each table, how many tables will you have? How many attendants will need flowers in their outfits? That includes flower girls, groomsmen and bridesmaids. If bridesmaids require bouquets, budget the cost in, as floral arrangements of bouquets would be higher than a few stalks of flowers in the groomsmen’s blazer pockets. Look out for more articles on wedding flowers on Perfect Weddings!
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