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How to Register Your Marriage in Singapore

Ready to get married? Before you get on with making your dream wedding come true, make sure you have all the legalities covered for a smoother nuptial journey. First of all, know that where your marriage gets registered is not really an issue. But for legal registration of marriages in Singapore, you have to make a notification of your marriage to the Registry of Marriage at least 21 days prior to your solemnisation. After your notification has been processed and approved, a three month window will then be opened for the solemnisation of your marriage . Age Restrictions - You have to be at least 21 years of age to register for marriage. - Persons within the ages 18 and 21 must have the formal approval of their parent(s). - The parents and a pair of witnesses (aged 21 and above) must be present at the solemnisation with an NRIC or passport at hand. - Persons below the age cap (18 years old and below) must first attain a marriage permit from the Registry of Marriages. Other Pre-Requisites - For Non-Singaporeans marrying Singaporeans/Permanent Residents: The Non-Singaporean must first have a work permit. Subsequently, permissions to marry have to be obtained from the Controller of Work Permits (Ministry of Manpower). For Non-Singaporeans marrying Non-Singaporeans: - Either or both of the applicants have to stay in Singapore for an uninterrupted period of 15 days prior to the acknowledgement of their notification of marriage. Application Procedure A Notice of Marriage can be obtained through the internet booths at the Registry of Marriage or at The solemnisation of the marriage has to take place within 3 months of, and at minimum 21 days after, the Notice of Marriage was approved. Required Documents for Filing of Notice of Marriage For Singaporeans: - NRIC or Birth Certificate For Permanent Residents (PR): - NRIC or Birth Certificate, and - Re-entry Permit For Non-Singaporeans: - NRIC or Birth Certificate, and - Passport For Divorcees: - Original/Certified copy of Decree Nisi Absolute For Widows: - Death Certificate of previous partner Other Required Information - Name and NRIC/Passport Number of both witnesses - Date, Time and Venue of solemnisation - Name and licence number of solemniser - Solemniser’s consent - Payable Fees (Payment via credit card is accepted) Notes on Dealing with Your Solemniser 1. Inform your solemniser which language you prefer the solemnisation to be conducted in 2. Lay out your requirement(s) or requests 3. Personally invite your solemniser to your wedding. Be gracious when your solemniser sacrifices time to grace your wedding. He or she should receive Guest-of-Honour treatment, meaning to cater for his or her attendance and is warmly received. Other Advice Choose back-up dates for your solemnisation prior to sending your Notice of Marriage in case there are no more available slots for your preferred date of solemnisation. It is recommended that the purchase of wedding bands be made 6 weeks or more in advance of your wedding. This is to allow your jeweller sufficient time to prepare his stock. As you can see the legalities of marriage and its registration can be quite tedious, which is why you have to start your planning and preparation with as much advance as you can afford. Make sure you get it right the first time because for most of us it’ll also be our only chance to do it!
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