Kelvin & Wendy: A Unique Post-Wedding Photoshoot

Featuring newly-weds:

Kelvin Low, Wedding Photographer
Wendy Ong, Church Worker


Honeymoon at the Heart of Europe

“I’ve always wanted to visit Prague after seeing photos of it,” says Kelvin Low, our newlywed groom and a chief photographer at Renatus Photography and Cinematography. “I thought, why not visit Prague for my own honeymoon and take post-wedding photos at the same time?”


Without a doubt, Prague is a great honeymoon choice, but Kelvin and his wife Wendy didn’t just spend their days relaxing and seeing the sights there: they set out to do something perhaps only a professional wedding photographer could do — document their time in a series of perfectly arranged photographs that showed their enviable love and chemistry while also featuring the beautiful landscape of their honeymoon destination.


Says Kelvin, “As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t resist having some fun taking pictures of my wife and myself in this beautiful place.” And so, donning their wedding clothes once again, and with camera and tripod in hand, our couple went to explore the majestic cities of Prague and its many attractions.


Adventures in the Czech Republic

Prague is unique as a city in Europe for having survived the war with little infrastructure damage, the reason why it still has plenty of Romanesque and Gothic buildings, houses and shops, which all contribute to the city’s historic charm. Indeed, this is what drew Kelvin to the city in the first place, who said that he simply loves the city’s medieval architecture.


Kelvin and Wendy took care that, while it’s important, their DIY photoshoot does not consume too much of their time. Says Kelvin, “Bearing in mind that it’s our honeymoon, we kept to only a couple of hours on two mornings for photography in our suit and gown.”

He relates that they had a lovely experience taking their post-wedding photos. Both mornings of their shoot were cool and bright, which made for a perfect condition for taking photos. The people of the city were cordial and friendly, with some even offering to help Kelvin when they saw that he was taking their photos by himself. Memorably, one gentleman jokingly knelt down in front of Wendy and asked to marry her while Kelvin was busy setting up a shot.

“I can’t help but walk over to say, ‘Sorry man, the girl is mine!’” says Kelvin.


One of the couple’s most notable background in their photos is the 605-year-old astronomical clock in Prague, which is the world’s oldest working clock. They also had several wonderful shots at the town of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Says Kelvin, “We loved how the place was restored and preserved over the years. It has a lot of romanticism to it.”

kelvin-wendy-9a kelvin-wendy-9b

All Around Eastern Europe, and Back

Besides Prague and Cesky Krumlov, Kelvin and Wendy also visited Vienna and Budapest, two other European capitals known for their romantic architecture and old-world charm. In Vienna, the couple watched the Vienna Mozart Orchestra perform at the Golden Hall and visited the world’s oldest zoo, Tiergarten Schönbrunn, while in Budapest, they dipped into the famous Gellért Baths.


After almost two blissful weeks, it was finally time for the couple to go home. Reluctantly, they packed their bags and their treasure of loving memories: a set of photographs and experiences that are uniquely their own. And while this honeymoon journey has come to an end, Kelvin says he and Wendy are already planning to go back during winter in a few years’ time.


But perhaps our newlywed photographer may be back even sooner. Kelvin says hopefully, “Maybe I’ll get to photograph a couple there soon. Who knows?”


Photography by: Renatus Photography and Cinematography
Bridal Studio: The Gown Warehouse
Venue: Prague and Cesky Krumlov

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