Wedding Themes

Make Your Dream Winter Wedding Come True

Planning for a winter-themed wedding at the end of the year is a smart choice. This is the perfect time to make this dream wedding come true as celebrating with the season will give you more inspiration in creating a magical wedding.


Winter theme by Eternally Yours

Begin by choosing a complementary colour palette. You can either have warm colours with metallic accent such as midnight blue or burgundy, forest green with silver accent or go with a cooler palette of white, platinum and silver. Once you have your colour palette ready, you can incorporate this with the season’s imagery into elements of your wedding.

Wedding Invitation & Flowers

You can create a wedding invitation that is simple but effectively thematic using a sturdy card stock paper with your wedding details printed on one side. For decoration, just put silver glitter on the edges and add cut out stencilled snowflakes to create a 3D effect. When it comes to the floral arrangements, they should be seasonal to make them fitting to your theme. Use red and white roses, white calla lilies, or even poinsettias for the bouquets and venue décor. Fuller blooms in white or warm colours are best for this theme.



Use your colour palette to guide you in choosing your attire. As an idea, choose rich warm colours like burgundy and midnight blue as base colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses. You can even have them wear long silk gloves and faux fur boleros in cream colour during the night for added elegance. The men can wear black tuxedos with tail and a warm-coloured or metallic bowtie. If you opt for the cooler palette, use platinum as the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses with silver accents as well as the colour of the men’s bowties or neckties.

Venue Décor

Choose a venue that is cozy and warm like a country house or a manor, or something spectacular like a grand ballroom. Use your table centrepieces as the highlight of your venue décor to save on expenses. Beyond the typical winter staples of pine cones, snowflakes and icicles, or even having a Santa and some reindeers scattered around the venue, a minimal design like frosted table wares or icy glass vases is a good way to add a classy yet wintery feel to the space. You can also use artificially frosted twigs, some berries, and candles in your centrepiece.



Your wedding cake should be a highlight of your celebration and, of course, fit your theme. For a winter wedding, consider having a Christmas fruit cake that is not only flavourful but also has a rich colour that perfectly contrasts with a white fondant. Your cake can have cut out snowflakes similar to those you will use for your invitations or you can have your pastry artist create a white fondant that looks like snow! Don’t forget to incorporate in your cake the accent colours you’re using. Remember, these are but a few suggestions to get you started! Add your own creative ideas inspired by the season to make your winter wedding more personal and remarkable.
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