11 Wedding Car Rental Questions to Ask Before Deciding

Wedding Car Rental Guide

Renting a car for your wedding could be expensive. Not knowing the ins-and-outs of renting a wedding car could be costlier. This only means that couples should know what they need before engaging any car rental service provider.

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Wedding Car Rental at a Glance

Below are the five general factors that need to be considered when renting a bridal car:

1. Size – Bridal couples need to set the number of people that will be riding the rented car so they can have a clearer view of what to get.

2. Time – The rate of a car rental corresponds to the length of time it will be in the possession of the client, regardless of whether the car is mobile or parked.

3. Uniformity – If appropriateness to the wedding theme is a concern, then bridal couples should choose the car model and colour that fits their theme. This also applies to renting multiple vehicles.

4. Company’s Credibility – Part of the success of the wedding will rely on the chosen car rental company. Terms and conditions should be clear, in writing, and signed by both parties to ensure quality service. Couples should also check the company’s punctuality.

5. Price – The rate is, of course, a deciding factor when renting a car. Couples should compare prices and service inclusions so they can determine the right rental service for their need and budget.

Questions Couples Should Ask Before Renting

Bridal couples should ask themselves the following questions to make smart selection decisions:

- What kind of car model is appropriate for our theme and type of wedding?
- Is there an alternative and cheaper car model than our first choice?
- How many hours will we be using the car? Is there a way to shorten that time?
- How much is the additional charge if we exceed the agreed length of time?
- Is there an extra charge for making additional trips? How much is that?
- Is the car exclusive for the bride and groom's use only?
- Can the rental company provide the decoration? How much do they charge for that?
- Does the rental company allow clients to view and inspect the car?
- Do the rental rates change during holidays and weekends?
- How soon do we have to make a reservation and make a down payment?
- What modes of payment does the rental company accept?

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Normally, wedding car rental companies in Singapore provide:

- Full day or half-day rental service
- For a full day rental, one hour is included for decoration the night before the wedding day
- For a half-day rental, additional charge may apply for car decoration
- Each extra hour amounts to an additional charge
- Each vehicle comes with a driver

In addition, rental companies usually require a down payment and floral decorations are usually not included in the rate.

Additional Considerations

1. Go beyond the typical limo wedding car. Bridal couples have other options other than the traditional white limo. While it's still the best choice for formal weddings, the white limo isn't always the best option for other types of weddings or for certain types of couples. For example, a green, old Volkswagen may be a better choice for a rustic garden wedding, while an Audi convertible roadster will be more suitable to young couples with a rockstar vibe.

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2. Give your bridal party a ride. While it is not compulsory to give your bridal party a ride, it can give them great relief if you provide one. This is especially true if the solemnisation venue is far from the reception venue. Besides, they play very important parts in making your wedding easier and more successful, so it’s only appropriate to give them a ride. In addition, it will save a lot of time if your entire bridal party can ride on a single vehicle.

Consider renting two vehicles: a small one for you and your partner, and a big one for your bridal party. You can use the smaller car exclusively or you can also use it to transport very important guests, such as your parents and grandparents. Meanwhile, you can have the larger vehicle to transport your bridal party and other guests. Rent both vehicles only for the duration you'll be using them. In most cases, you won't be needing them any longer after they've taken you to your reception venue.

3. Make sure no guests get stranded. If a lot of your guests are out-of-towners, consider giving them a ride from their hotel to the solemnisation and reception venues. To save on cost, have all your out-of-towner guests stay at a single hotel and use that hotel's charter or shuttle van to transport them.

4. Add an allowance time for every trip. You’ll never know if there will be heavy traffic in the roads that you’ll be passing through to your wedding venues. To be safe, add a 20-minute allowance for every trip you'll be making during the entire wedding day.

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A good idea is to take a spin ride to test the traffic on the same time and day of the week as that of your wedding. This will guide you in determining a realistic duration for each trip. You may also ask traffic authorities for any irregular events or road constructions scheduled on your wedding day so you can look for an alternative route in advance.

5. Make your reservation in person. You can inquire online or via phone, but make sure you do the reservation in person. This will allow you to see the car in person and ensure that it is in good shape and looks exactly how it was advertised. In other words, it will help you avoid encountering any unpleasant surprises that may make you regret about your choice later on.

6. Ask if it can be decorated like a traditional getaway bridal car. Car rental companies can be very strict when it comes to decorating their vehicles, especially vintage ones. So make sure to know how your bridal car will be decorated and whether it fits the decor you have in mind.

7. Ask if you can bring a CD or flash drive to play in the car. It's best if you can listen to songs that you love as you head on to your next venue. Create a playlist for your guests too if they will be riding in a shuttle. This will help set their mind into a party mood.

The rental rates for bridal cars can be hefty, but that's only understandable given its importance to the wedding. The best thing couples can do is just to make sure that they make the most out of the bridal car that they get.

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11 Wedding Car Rental Questions to Ask Before Deciding

Renting a car for your wedding could be expensive. Not knowing the ins-and-outs of renting a wedding car could be costlier. This only means that couples should know what they need before engaging any car rental service provider.