The Myth of Finding Mr. Right

The idea of finding a “Mr. Right” is as nuanced as any other matter related to love. There are many women who don’t consider their husbands their Mr. Right – that is, in the sense that they are not the perfect man – but still love them very much. There are also those who are lucky enough to find someone they could actually consider their soul mate. That said, the possibility of finding a Mr. Right can be very different from woman to woman.

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Let’s walk through everything together and learn more about the many possibilities of finding (or not finding) your Mr. Right.

Can You Define What Your “Mr. Right” Really Is?

If you think about it, there are a lot of ways for us to define our own “Mr. Right”. For example, one woman might find the man of her dreams one day, but that man may not have the same feelings for her. Of course, she might still consider him “Mr. Right” – just not the one meant for her.

Then there are cases where a woman does not believe in that idea in the first place. But when she meets a guy and spends time with him, maybe even getting in a relationship with him, only then does she start thinking of him as a Mr. Right. In any case, this can teach you more about yourself. You may already have standards or maybe you don’t believe in the idea at all. Either way, this still shows that the possibilities of meeting someone, ideal man or not, is still very much there for you and any other woman.


There are SO MANY Factors that Affect Attraction

Obviously, you’ll have your own ideal type. Sometimes you’ll base it on the physical and there are also times when you’ll base it on personality or character. Maybe you like a guy who’s taller than you or maybe someone who has a certain fashion sense. Maybe you like a person who is confident and takes control of the conversation or maybe someone who acts cold outside but is really warm-hearted. All of this may sound fictional but there really are chances that you’ll meet a guy that fits your ideal type.

On the other hand, it is important to recognize that guys also have an ideal woman. If you meet a guy who’s exactly your type and it turns out that you’re his as well, then, lucky you! But, as mentioned earlier, there’s also a chance that he won’t reciprocate the admiration. What will you do then?

Let’s say you do find your Mr. Right…


Going into a relationship, you’ll always have certain fears, doubts, and expectations. There will be times when even if you meet the “perfect” man, situations that will challenge your relationship will always be present. How you deal with these situations together can be a defining part of your relationship. If things go wrong, you might realize that he’s nothing special at all. If everything goes right, the potential for you to marry each other goes off the roof!

Jokes aside, you have to realize that many situations can affect your relationship for better or for worse. And whether this guy is your Mr. Right or not, it might not matter in some of those situations. If he can stick with you through thick and thin, even if he’s not exactly the man of your dreams, he will still be an ideal person to spend your life with.

Finding Him But Not Ending Up Together

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We’re using this example again because so many women (and even men) have experienced this tragic story. This is why there are so many movies revolving around this narrative, because many people can relate to it one way or another. As said earlier, many factors can affect attraction and any factor can affect the strength of a relationship. So, there are also just as many factors that can dictate if you do end up together with this person. In essence, it is very much possible for you to find your “Mr. Right”. But getting together with them can be an even bigger challenge.

Honestly, you shouldn’t think too much about not finding your Mr. Right. As you may have observed, love is complicated! Sometimes things go your way, and sometimes they don’t. If you do end up marrying the person you love, then that’s an absolute win! But even if you don’t there still a chance that there’s another guy just waiting for you as well. Love is everywhere. You just have to remember to keep your heart open!

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