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Tips on Preparing for Your Prenuptial Shoot: Creating the Concept

A prenuptial shoot is a wonderful way of commemorating your wedding. It is also a special way of imprinting your flair on photos that you share with your family and friends. Another, more sentimental reason to have them is because you can show these photos to your children in the future to show the love that you share with your spouse (and how good you looked when you were young!). These days, more couples arrange for a prenuptial shoot that is creative and unique and representative of their style and personalities. For this to happen, you can’t just trust on your photographer’s creative freedom. You and your fiancé need to be proactive in the whole shooting process and be generous with your input to achieve prenuptial photos that are poignant and remarkably your own.


1.   Look back to your story. Make time with your partner to sit down and look back at your old photos together and just soak in the nostalgia of how it all started. Look back to the moments you both consider to be the highlights of your relationship. As you review the photos, you might remember a special place or event that can spark an idea for your photo shoot. 2.   Identify your shared interests. Your interests are such a rich source of inspiration. They can be activities that you both enjoy, such as working out, cooking, visiting galleries or going to concerts. Or you can be inspired by your favorite movie, book, or music and incorporate it in your prenuptial shoot. Your interests will not only make you comfortable with being in front of the camera but will also make it enjoyable for both of you.


3.   Find a special place. The location of your shoot can be inspiring on its own. Whether it is a picturesque sunrise at the beach or just the café at the corner of the street, these places evoke romance especially when it is a setting of a special moment. Perhaps it’s where you both first met or the place where you got engaged. When you find the right spot, see if it has at least four areas where you can shoot. Also, make sure to secure all the needed permits to shoot in the place. 4.   Go outside the box. To make your prenuptial shoot extraordinary, challenge your ideas by going for something new for the both of you. Use art magazines and galleries, and even everyday life, to find inspiration and ideas you can add to the theme you already have in mind. Push yourself to think of unusual ways you can have beautiful photos and you'll be surprised at how creative you can be. 5.   Fine tune your ideas. It is not enough to have a variety of ideas. You need to put them together into a cohesive concept that your photographer can develop and execute into stunning pictures. With the ideas you've gathered, trim them to their base essentials and see how you can string them all together into a single unified concept. It’s better to work with an idea that is flexible rather than push for one that is limiting. As much as possible you and your partner should have equal inputs on the concept to make it comfortable and pleasing to both of you. With an inspired concept, you and your groom-to-be will be impressed with the outcome of your prenuptial shoot. It will also be rewarding for you to come up with a concept that is unique to your story and style. With a good concept, you can have prenuptial photos that both of you will be fond of and be happy to share with your loved ones in the years to come.
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