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Types of Actual Day Wedding Videography Styles

Aside from photo sessions, a lot of couples nowadays do video shoots as well. The work is normally done by a professional videographer, but for people who don’t have much budget, they hire a family member or a friend for the task. These are the different actual day wedding videography styles to choose from. 1. Artistic Videography Style The artistic videography style depends on the preference of the couple or the videographer. It does not follow a specific rule of format. It is basically more of a freestyle videography, except that it does not lay its aesthetic dimension on the line. A lot of couples appreciate this style because it makes their wedding video unlike the others. It is not recommended, though, if the couple just asked someone from the family to do the task. While there are no specific rules to follow, the artistic videography style needs proper training and experience.

derrick-yiu Video by Derrick Yiu Videography

hwee Video by Hwee Studios

2. Journalistic Videography Style The journalistic videography style is probably the most widely-used style when it comes to wedding videos. Not much skill is needed for the photographer, since his only job is to record events as they happen. They document every part of the wedding, from the vows to the reception. This requires no intervention from the videographer. It is also described as the “documentary” of the occasion. It will be edited and polished based on the actual sequence of events.

qing-dynasty Video by The Qing Dynasty

vocare-media Video by Vocare Media

3. Cinematic Videography Style From the word itself “cinematic,” shooting for a cinematic wedding video is just like creating a movie or a film. The way the video clips are recorded can be compared to the journalistic videography style, except that special effects are added in the editing part in order to create a dramatic mood. However, this style is also not suitable for people who have limited or no background at all in cinematography and video editing. Creating a cinematic video successfully requires advanced knowledge of editing softwares.

vive-lamour Video by Vive L'amour Studio

reddot Video by Red Dot Studios Videography

4. Storytelling Videography Style Typically, the storytelling videography style comprises of a video or a photo montage of the wedding accompanied by a narrating voice and music. It can be likened to a cinematic videography style for its editing approach. This style, however, is the most labor-intensive among all wedding videography styles. Aside from recording and editing the wedding ceremony, testimonies and dialogues should also be incorporated in the video. The testimonies don’t necessarily have to be recorded during the wedding ceremony, though.

elicere-emovere Video by Elicere Emovere

5. Highlights Videography Style Unlike the other styles, the highlights videography style is shorter and can last for about 15 to 50 minutes. Before the day of the wedding, the videographer should already have a blueprint of which parts of the wedding the record and which parts to disregard. Preferably, only highlights of the wedding should be recorded. During the editing part, necessary video clips are removed to save more time. Love songs and transitional effects can also be added, in order to make the video more interesting.

hwee Video by Hwee Studios

beyond-pictures Video by BeyondPictures Cinematography

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