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Underwater Prenup Photographers: Basic Certifications

Underwater photography takes the idea of immortalizing your love through photography to a whole new level. As the shots will be taken beneath the surface, it requires the photographer to use special equipment and undergo a special training. Just as importantly, it will require the subjects to be able to move smoothly, pose in different ways, and wear special kinds of makeup – all while holding their breaths. This kind of photography appeals to couples with an adventurous streak and who appreciate the surreal beauty of underwater shots. If you’re such a couple, read on to know what this entails and how you can find the right photographer for you.

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Certification for Open Water Diver This certification gives a photographer an entry-level certification on scuba diving. It means that the photographer has undergone a basic diving training and is now competent to scuba dive on his own. It’s important to note that a photographer certified to do underwater photography still has to have regular diving sessions in order to hone his skills and maintain a certain level of competency. A regular diving session could entail diving at least twice a month. Also, a dive certification card is a photographer’s “passport” to gaining entry in diving centers where underwater prenup photography can be held. In some resorts, photographers are required to present their dive log, which lists down where they’ve taken a dive and the frequency of their diving. Keep in mind that only certified and regular divers are thoroughly aware of the risks of underwater photography, and therefore the only ones who can safely execute the shots.

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Excellent Buoyancy Obviously, it’s more difficult to shoot underwater. Here, the photographer don’t just need to have steady hands, his whole body needs to be completely still and have just the right level of buoyancy, and he has a much shorter time to take his shot given the difficulty of maintaining one’s position underwater. In addition, while he still needs good lighting and stability, he doesn’t have the aid of reflectors and tripods. It goes without saying that excellent buoyancy is the key to capturing sharp underwater images. In fact, during basic training, a trainee’s competency level is assessed by his buoyancy skills. This is demonstrated in his ability to establish a steady and constant level of depth without depending on any support, such that he can hover like a fish, staying motionless in mid-water. Other Advantages of Diving Certifications It is only through proper training that divers cultivate optimum mindfulness so that they are constantly aware of the environment (and any changes in it), the needs of their companion (whether fellow divers or the subjects of their shoot), and their very own needs. This becomes more important during an underwater wedding photography, where the subjects are wearing cumbersome clothing that increases the risk of staying underwater. Instructors ensure that a trainee has attained and demonstrated all the necessary safety skill before he is awarded a certificate. The training also helps divers enhance their ability to scan their surrounding before taking any actions, especially to set up a shot. The training also gives photographers the ability to manage different kinds of diving situations.

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