Wedding Favours

Wedding Favors Your Guests Would Swoon Over?

The little keepsakes that you give to your guests add a little of your wedding love to their homes! I’ve seen wedding favours used in everyday life and become topics of conversation. It always warms my heart when I see these items, thinking how wonderful the celebration must have been, how unique the couple, and how smart they must be to choose the wedding favours that they did.
wedding favors
Little gifts like salt and pepper shakers and cup stirrers can bring some of the happiness experienced in one’s wedding into the guests’ home. So how do you choose wedding favors that guests would love? 1) Theme Match First, make sure your gifts match your theme! This would ensure your wedding favors complements your color scheme, not conflict against it. It’s packaging should not be neglected as well. Pick one that suits the colors of the day’s decor. If all is not possible, use decorative items like ribbons to add a splash of color that will make the favours look color coordination. 2) The DIY Favor For couples on a budget or those good at craft, why not DIY your own wedding favours? This adds an extra special value to your gifts, and guests are more likely to use them in their homes. For example, you could make brownies and print your and your groom’s picture on it using edible ink. But keep in mind that DIY wedding favors are not for the time-pressed. It requires a lot of energy and time to hand make gifts, but if you need some help, you can call on your hao-jie-meis and organize a wedding favor making session!

1-mirage-wedding-favours Photo by Mirage Flowers

3) Go Floral! Instead of the traditional ornamental favor, how about floral favors to give your guests’ homes a little bloom? Consider giving your guests small, potted flower bulbs that can be placed as a table centerpiece. Package them in attractive little boxes and add ribbons that match your wedding themes. Now, that’s an idea that’s both unique and delightful!
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