Wedding Favours

Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Favours

If you want everything in your wedding to have a personalised touch – from your bouquet to the wedding favours – going for edible mementoes won’t fail you. There are hundreds of inspiration ideas for giveaways that bridal couples may find suitable for their wedding theme. It’s might even be that the selected edible wedding favour will become more popular with the guests than with the couples, especially when the favour is made of chocolate. Here are 7 ideas you can consider for your personalised edible wedding favours:


1. Family Recipe Package – If the bride and groom love to cook, or came from families of cook, there’s a high chance that they have a collection of family recipes. Guests who also love to cook, as well as those who have sampled the family’s personalised recipes, and want to try cooking some of it themselves would feel happy receiving this kind of thank you memento. 2. Hometown Delicacies – Singapore is home to sweet treats that tourists and locals can indulge. If the bridal couple came from different nationalities, they can go for one or two delicacies that are only found in their country. For instance, the Pulut Tai Tai, a Peranakan soft rice cake can be made into a wedding treat. Peranakan’s gluten-free version of chocolate muffin will also be a treat for chocolate lovers. 3. Mini Cupcakes – Baked cupcake have become a familiar sight in weddings today, sometimes even matching the popularity of the wedding cake. Some couples even allot a specific table just to showcase their cupcakes. To make cupcakes a sure hit, couples can offer different kinds and flavours, and the guests would just decide which ones they would like to bring home.


4. Candy Bar – To give out candies to your wedding guests, simply distribute small take-out boxes with your monogram stamped on it. Let the guests fill it with their own sweet candies of choice – whether it is colourful gumdrops, button candies or penny chocolate candies. 5. Mini-Wines – Have a mini-version of wines that are served during the celebration. Adorn the bottle with a personalise label instead of mimicking the name of the wine. If you have budget for an additional accessory, top off each bottle with a wine stopper. 6. Salt Water Taffy – Saltwater taffy makes for a perfect takeaway favour from weddings held by the beach. Pack colourful taffies into cellophane bags and seal it with a ribbon and a monogram sticker attached to it.


7. Family Favourites – If you like something your guests can use literally for cooking, choose ingredients that the couple’s families love to use. For instance, give a 5 oz. bottle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil and design it with a personalise print. Edible takeaways are currently a staple at wedding receptions. How else can bridal couples turn them into perfect takeaways but by personalising them both in terms of flavour and label? Plus, the story behind these simple takeaway favours give guests something to remember about the couple, their families and even their native homeland.

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