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Wedding Accessories: Wedding Venue Decor

Every bride-to-be has her own vision of what the perfect wedding would be. In this article we provide details to that vision by describing the most popular décor accessories used in Singapore. Below are our top choices and how they improve the look and feel of the wedding venue.



Confetti makes any celebration livelier and more festive. In Singapore, the confetti is most commonly used to shower the newlyweds during the march-ins and the toast, although some families also throw confetti as the couple exits the church or during their first walk together. Wedding confetti can be made of foil, fabric or paper and can be of different shapes. Among the popular shapes of wedding confetti are hearts, doves, stars, and silhouette of the bride and groom. Wedding accessory merchants sell ready-made confetti for the convenience of the couples and their family.

Wedding Pom Poms

Wedding pom poms are hanging decorations that are placed on the wedding venue as a stylish way to add more colour. Pom poms are most commonly coloured pink, but couples may also choose colours that tie in with the wedding theme or motif. These decorative items vary in size, with some as small as baseballs and others as large as beach balls. Small pom poms are often strung together (similar to buntings) and used to mark the path towards the venue. Large pom poms are best hung separately from the ceiling, hanging over guests just beyond their reach.

1-renatus-pompoms Photo by Renatus Photography

Big Balloons

Like other playthings of our youth, balloons give us a childlike happiness. And the bigger they are, the prettier they are and the more joy they bring. Decorating the wedding venue with large balloons will add to the feeling of celebration and they make good photo props too. Additionally, the balloons can be used as place markers on the tables, direction markers and even as wedding souvenirs. Providers of big wedding balloons normally also offer other types of balloons which can be arranged to form other wedding decorations such as arches and pillars.


A great way to announce the wedding is to use decals. These are specially printed designs that can be transferred into a smooth surface from its original printed paper. The advantages of using decals are that they are easy to personalize and customize (the designs are made digitally), can be put up quickly, and they look more elegant than conventional letterings. Decals can be simple wedding phrases, the names of the couple or their monogram and date of wedding. They can be placed on the window of the wedding car, on the wall of the wedding venue and even on the dance floor.

Wedding Signs

Putting up nifty wedding signs pointing to the wedding venue is a simple way to give directions to guests, but it also serves to build up excitement as well. The texts on wedding signs are usually common wedding phrases written in special lettering and on a stylized wooden board or cardboard. Unique to Singapore weddings, some couples have also had a life-size cut-out image of themselves to serve as a welcome to their guests and point them to the right direction. Like other wedding accessories, wedding signs can also supplement the style and beauty of the wedding theme and let the couple show their personality.

3-chrisling-wedding-sign Photo by Chris Ling Photography


Wedding candles is a popular wedding décor because of their beautiful, romantic effect. During the wedding banquet, candles can be arranged around the tables or placed on tall candle stands to serve as wedding centrepieces. Candles also serve a symbolic purpose during the wedding ceremony. Some churches in Singapore have observed the lighting of a unity candle, which symbolizes the union of the bride and groom and their families. The unity candle is a large pillar candle that is lighted by the couple during the ceremony using separate taper candles. It is important that candles are placed securely to avoid accidents.

Candle Stands

Candle stands or candle holders are accessories used to secure and enhance the beauty of candles. A candle stand may hold one or multiple candles (this is called a candelabra) depending on its design. Some candle stands are tall, holding numerous candles, and made to be displayed along the walls of the room. But more commonly, these candle stands are smaller and are usually either made of glass or metal and are often used as table centrepieces.

Fake Flower Petals

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, the wedding aisle looks best when there are flower petals scattered about. However, real flower petals may easily wilt, are prone to damage and are costly. By using fake flower petals instead, brides can walk on their dream wedding aisle secure that the petals she walks on remains beautifully the same. Another advantage of using fake flower petals is that they are available all throughout the year and can be easily customized. Fake flower petals are usually made of silk and have the same shape and size as rose petals. They are available in various colours, including classic red, baby blue, teal, metallic gold, orange and ivory.

2-zonzon-flower-petals Photo by Zonzon Productions


Flowers are time-honoured wedding decorations, without which the wedding would seem incomplete and drab. Whether it’s made of silk or real petals, flowers make beautiful wedding decorations, giving off radiance and a joyous ambiance to the occasion. Furthermore, they are also considered auspicious in many cultures, making them an integral accessory to the wedding. Flowers can be used in a lot of ways, such as for the bride’s bouquet, wall decorations, centrepieces, garlands and pew markers. Each kind of flower has a different effect on people – roses may mean classic elegance, while daisies may connote jubilation – so brides should choose their flowers well to harmonize them with the style and theme of the wedding.   The items above are available in select stores and wedding venue decorators in the country. By decorating the wedding venue with these accessories, couples are sure to improve the look and atmosphere of the event, making it more beautiful and memorable.

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