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3 Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Your wedding photograph will serve a lifetime of reminiscence – of love, beauty and promises. For years to come, friends and relatives who visit you would like to see your wedding album! For many of us, the pictures in our wedding album will be our most prized mementos, ones we’ll cherish in all our lifetime.

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Needless to say, everything must be perfect! Here are our 3 tips for perfect wedding photos. 1) The Right Combination We’ve often heard of couples having trouble choosing which photos to include in the album as all of them look great! Indeed, there will be many pictures of you, your groom, and your families and friends looking great on your wedding day. The best way to know which ones of these pictures to include in the album is to judge them based on which aspect of the wedding they show, not just whether the subjects look good in them or not.

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Other than festive shots of your guests’ gleeful faces, the classic shots that must be included in your wedding album are: the bride and groom themselves, the couple with their helpers, the couple and their parents, the couple and the groom’s immediate family, and the couple with the bride’s immediate family. These are the important shots that your closest friends and relatives will request to look at in years to come, so choose wisely! 2) Timing Counts On your wedding day, time is of the essence! So on your time schedule, allocate about 5 minutes for each formal photograph with guests. Of course, bigger groups might take longer, while smaller ones will be faster to take. It’s best to take these pictures after the ceremony as you’ll feel less stressed and tight for time. Also, emotions are still raw at this period, and your blissfully-happy expression after you’ve exchanged your vows will show on your photographs.

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3) Behind the Scenes Even though it may add an extra cost to the photography package, hiring an additional photographer to take behind-the-scenes photos can be one of the best decisions you make about your wedding photography as candid photos add a fresh feeling to the conventional wedding photos. Some of these photos are close ups of certain wedding details like the wedding bands, your mum’s smile with teary eyes as you said your vows, and that cute moment when your uncle played with the kids. These are small details that would be precious to have in your photo list, as you would be missing out on them as you go about the busy day.

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