2015 Brides !


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Agree that it is never too early to start planning! most of the auspicious dates are the same and so lots of couple will be booking all the good ones!!!


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My engagement date came up all of a sudden that I was totally confused and worried about getting everything organised in such a short period. Finding an apt hall was a difficult task, but luckily I found a nearby engagement party hall at Le Jardin in Vaughan. This relieved me of my worries and gave me a start forward. The arrangements were awesome and all the guests commented highly of my choice.


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Anyone hear of Francis Ng Chin Fah? How is he? Is he nice and humble? :)

he was my solemnizer during my ROM last yr. my friend had him too. we have no complains. he gets straight to the point and will remind you to consider angles so your photographer can capture the moment. i guess it depends on what you prefer. i like mine short and simple (=


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Hi Girls!

So many joyous occasion this year, so I thought I join in the celebration!

I'mma BTB in 2016, and am only starting to plan my wedding now. No rush atm as the AD is around 1 year away. Like most of you, I'm also doing all the planning myself, and this page would prolly be a great resource for me. My to-do list is to get a JP first, and I really got trouble picking one. Any suggestions out there?

There's a lot of great ideas and suggestions here, and I am hoping to get some myself! :lol::lol::lol::lol: