Church ceremony on Sat noon, should Banquet be Sat Dinner or Sun Lunch?


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Hi all,

Just like to gather some feedback here:

If you're attending a close friend's or relative's wedding wihch comprises of a Saturday noon time church ceremony(with buffet reception after) & a banquet (and you have to attend both), would you prefer the banquet to be a Saturday Dinner or Sunday lunch?

A sunday lunch would be less taxing on our pockets but people will have to free up 2 days for us.



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The church & bridal shop actually gave me some advice when doing planning. Church wedding will start at 11am followed by dinner at 7.30pm. I think is better to do everything in one day cos u can relax on Sunday. ;)


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i will be planning for the church and dinner to be on the same day..this way,i settle everything on the same day and my relatives/friends just need to keep 1 day for me


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In my opinion, I would prefer Sat dinner, to settle all in one day. Cos Sunday lunch may be a little tricky since most of relatives and friends would have Church service to attend and some families with kids have to ferry kids around for enrichment lessons. So, factoring these considerations in, I think settle both Church wedding and dinner on same day would be better. But then again, it would be taxing on the couple.

Perhaps you may want to look at the profile of your guests?

Hope this helps in a way... :)