Dream honeymoon destination?


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i would love to go to new zealand. unfortunately air fare alone is so expensive. have kept it on my list of dream holiday destinations :)


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I would definitely love to have our honeymoon in Switzerland! My friends tell me that Switzerland's a very nice place to go to. :)


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for those whose dream honeymoon destination is Singapore, don't forget to go to Little India! it's where you can get a great meal! and by that i mean delicious and cheap. you can enjoy Indian delights such as dosais and thalis. plus enjoy your stay in Singapore by going to Changi Museum and Botanic Gardens. :)

from Singapore, you can go to Malaysia by train or bus, and to Indonesia by plane. and when you're in Indonesia, visit Bali or Borobodur. :)


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mines' hoping to haf the likes of LA / Toronto...she was on work conference (short duration) and thus didn't get to join her...

but most importantly, spend time with her!


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Mine is hawaii. It is a beautiful and romantic destination for spending honeymoon. There are so many water activities there got newly wed couples.