Guest's outfit colours for Wedding Invitations


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Hi Everyone,

I am planning to indicate the dress colours for the guests on my invitation. I seek your suggestions and advices as I have been doing my research but to no avail.

My theme is a mixture of English & Classical which comprises of the three colours - Red, Black & White. Typically, guests are suggested to wear black or white. The problem here is, my gowns are both Red and White hence I would want the guests to definitely avoid these 2 colours. Black is the main colour for the decor and even tablecloths. I would want to avoid the embarrasment of the guests blending with the decors. My bridesmaids will be in off white tops and skirts with different colours(royal colours).

Please kindly suggest what would be the best colours for the guests. I do not need specific colour but rather varities for the guests to choose from.

Thank you all!:blink:


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then i think it would be best that you don't indicate any color in your invitation. it's best to give your guest the freedom to choose the color of their own gown


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I think it's quite tough to restrict your guests to a particular colour so instead, maybe you should just tell them to avoid red, white and black? It'll be easier for them to know which colour they shouldn't wear than to find a particular colour to wear!! Hope it helps :)


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maybe you can go for color themed invitations. i'm sure your guests will understand that that's your theme. or you can also indicate it in the invitation itself


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Some of the guest do not really care about the wedding theme or color. They wear what they want so it is better to indicate that they need to wear formal attire but do not indicate the color. It is better if the guest will choose the color of their dress.