Hello, I'm new here


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Hi everyone

was browsing thru the web and chance upon this forum, guess it's gonna be of great help for my wedding in 2012!:)


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Hello to all people on www.perfect wedding.sg! Congrats to all who are blissfully planning the wedding.


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Hi! I'm new :) hope people can advice me on planning my wedding. This website seems very useful to me when im planning:thumbsup:


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Orrr too vague a question. So what stage of planning are you at now?

For me, the preparation order is about like this:

1) find proposal ring
2) propose
3) find an auspicious date
4) find banquet venue for that date
5) find bridal studio
6) find actual day photographer etc.


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hihi, finding wedding planner can be costly. i have met one quoting me $1000 for their service. it depend on whether is that necessary to spend the money on this or rather save this money to spend on other important things needed. My htb is my wedding planner. He research info from internet, forums, magazine and of cos experience from friends and families. pm me if u need more details. i think my htb had kept alot of comprehensive stuff for preparation on the wedding. :)

Congrats to you anyway ;))