Holding ROM and Dinner together... Pros and COns???


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Hey peeps

Need some help here, my fiance and I are thinking of having a simple ROM first, and the dinner and all the other stuff the year after... But we've been advice by quite a few people that it might be better to have them both at a go.

Any suggestions?


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many people have it on the same day so that there is no confusion as to when is your 'real' wedding day. but nowadays many people have the ROM first then dinner later because often cannot book the same dates, and a lot of things to prepare for the banquet. :)

also you will be able to save money by having 1 package for that 1 day as compared to 2.


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many people are doing that nowadays, because of the venue limitations and everything. or you wan actually ROM at the dinner itself, before the dinner?

W Yifei

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It is really up to you. Practically speaking, if you have the ROM first, you can apply for a flat without worrying when you need to present the marriage certificate, cos' you'd already have it. On the other hand, I have hosted weddings where couples have their ROM solemnisation during the wedding dinner. The setting is like this: table setup on stage, solemniser stand-by beside the stage. During first march-in, the bride and her father will enter the banquet room and walk towards the stage, where the groom is waiting. Bride's father hands his daughter's hand to groom. Couple proceeds up the stage, solemniser takes over the mike and conducts the ceremony. And this is followed by the usual event flow of a wedding dinner.


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It's much better to have both at one time. But on the other hand, some will think of getting ROM then proceed for wedding the next year. It's on individual preference afterall. :)


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Its actually depend on your needs. Doing it on different day can help you free up time to focus on your wedding banquet etc. But different day will help you same some hassle to invite guest etc etc. But if you want to ROM to buy house etc, just do it!


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Most people prefer to have them on the same day because it will be easier when it comes to planning and it is more convenient for the guests because they attend only one event.