looking for buffet style wedding venue


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Hi everyone,

have you hosted / attended any buffet style wedding banquet? could you give me some suggestions?

Thanks a million!


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I have attended buffet style wedding banquet. One is lunch .... dun really enjoy it cause they did not prepare enough seats for everyone to sit down which I believe that the couple would like us to mingle around with the rest.

and 2 dinners, one does not even serves enough food, the other, the food is ok but then dun seems like attending wedding dinner ....

Overall no matter what my expereince is .... all my friends of the above they enjoy themselves during their wedding day :)

Anyway its more on what you guys like more then wat your guest like. You cant please everyone. The main thing is two of you are happy on that day :)


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hi levvie! :) Gallery Hotel offers buffet lunch and dinner. how much is your budget by the way?
oh and yes you can contact them at 68498698 if you want to enquire.


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Hi Levvie,
for my wedding july next year it's gonna be buffet lunch! since fiance and i both think sit-down banquet is too formal.. so far the hotels i've checked out that provides buffet
hotel re
M hotel (quite comprehensive at 75++ per pax)
MEGU event hall (unbeatable price at 68++ including decorations etc, but their hall has pillars right down the middle >< )
furama riverfront
riverview hotel
holiday inn
Orchard hotel
klapsons boutique hotel

you can read more on the venues i shortlist and visited in my blog:


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Am looking at a buffet style reception too... less stuffy compared to banquets. But not sure if it will feel too 'messy'?