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Hey there! :)

Anyone had your wedding at MBS Convention and Expo Ballrooms? This place is quite new! Any reviews on this?




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I booked my wedding banquet this year.

the review was not bad.
Ballroom selection depends on the number of tables you intend to book.
Menu selection depends on which day you wedding falls at.
Florist selection to choose 1 out of the 2 - June and Sing Soon.
Printing cost inclusive in the package - 1 time only.
Most importantly check the availability of the hotel for your big day. It is quite competitive.

Drop your email, i can send you some photos for your reference.


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Hi galtomolo,

can you emailed me the pictures?
U was saying u have booked the banquet with MBS?
Can i check with you, regarding the contract for the banquet, there is an insurance thingy part.
isit optional or?


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Hi galtomolo,
Thank you very much for the photos! very nice...tempted! but read somewhere the preparation room for the brides & helpers are not so near to the banquet venue...know anything about that?


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Hi Shereen,

There will be a function room for your helpers preparation and your 2nd gown changeout, which is nearby your ballroom. It is not the usual kind where hotel provides a hotel room for your helpers. Therefore you need not to worry.


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solemnization in MBS Skypark


Just wondering if anyone have held a solemnization party at MBS Skypark?

Can you share your experience?

Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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hi yunnie and ruling have sent you the photos.

BTW, on your banquet day, if you wish to host your solemnization @ Garden Walk Level 4 (Outdoor), it will cost $500+. otherwise MBS may provide complimentary function room for your solemnization. Linen-ed table and chairs are provided however flora deco is not inclusive


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MBS Skypark Solemisation cos $20,000 for rental. and min 100 guests attendance for the F&B which is another charges.