Need Tips for Honeymoon in Bali!


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Hi everyone!

My husband and I are thinking of having our honeymoon in Bali. I've always wanted to stay in one of the villas located along the beach, or in the middle of the rice fields!

I came across this article about the top three honeymoon villas in Bali :

(Out of these three options, I'm most keen on Villa bulung daya)

Has anyone stayed in these villas before? The pictures look amazing, and the information of the villas sounds great but I would love to hear about your comments or experiences at these villas!


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hello planning on having our honey moon there too but i'm not sure about the budget that we will have for it. can you share your estimated budget for the trip?


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Looking for packages for a Bali trip too, can anyone offer a nice recc to consider? Personal reccs would be really helpful though.