Ring Pillow


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Any shops provide hand-make ring pillow materials and instructions?
I really want to make an unique one for my wedding.


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how about buying a plain one and sewing on embellishments? will save you time on sewing the pillow itself. embellishments can find at any art shop :) your idea sounds so fun!


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Ya I find many designs of ring pillows on this represented link of Facebook.I have some more good designs of ring pillows,soon I ll upload here.


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i agree with sher. it would be easier for you to customize the pillow if you buy a plain one and decorate it yourself


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i bought my ring pillow without any designs and me and my sister customized it ourselves. we just bought some art materials and laces from art stores.


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Yeah I think it'll be easier to DIY your own pillow! Art friend or paper market has alot of craft stuff like ribbons, lace and stuff you can use :) It's unique and really personalised! This one can be used for a rustic themed wedding :)