Wedding Ang Bao Market Rates in Singapore 2015


** 2015 LATEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE list of Ang Bao Market Rates for over 50 Hotels in Singapore! **


Wedding Red Packets are known as Ang Bao, Ang Pow, Hong Bao, Hong Pao and Ang Pao according to different dialects, but they all refer to the same thing. Not sure how much to put into your wedding red packet? We have come up with a guide based on the current wedding banquet prices. Variable factors also affect how much you should give. Read our guide and you will not go wrong! :)

Disclaimer: Perfect Weddings does our best to update the list with the most accurate value based on table cost, corkages, ballroom type. Figures are calculated based on hotel banquet table rates as of the date of compilation, however, hotel banquet package rates are subjected to updates by the hotels. Please use at your own discretion.


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hahaha this is a good one. very useful, but more so because i simply love the part on "variable factors"!! =P


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Hi Pixie

Thank you for the guidelines.

Usually, for normal friend what I will do is check out what is the price per table and divided by 10/12 and that is the amount to give. Because we have to understand the "pain" couple going through. :)

For good friends, more than what indicate above.

For not close, dislike or ask for the sake of filling up the table, I may not attend. =P

The above will be my guidelines ...


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Funny 'variable factors'! :D

hey astutekitty, but sometimes even for acquaintances who invite me to their wedding, even though i dont feel like attending, i feel bad to reject! Cos they probably booked the number of tables already, if dont come then they will have had to pay for the excess right?

i got go to a few weddings where got some empty tables and i feel bad for the couple cos they have to pay for those tables. :(


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Hi Honeydew

Try to go if they invite you, unless you are super "don't feel like", then just tell them you have something on and unable to attend.

To what I know if they invite you but you didn't like not very nice, hence if can just go ... if not so "pai sei" =x

If they have already booked ... say 20 tables and now only got 19 tables attendances. Couple still required to pay the 20 tables as it has been confirmed.

But if they confirmed 20 tables but say extra 6 people, then no choice have to pay the extra 1 table.

Ya some empty tables really cost the couple alot ... However, some may not be chargeable as they are "spare" tables. But of cos, in this case, we couple need to ask the hotel coordinate if such case, can we merge them into 1 table etc.


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Haha thanks for uploading this! Best to send this out to friends before announcing our wedding day :tongue:

I remember there are some hotels who give 20 tables but if turn ups can only fill 19 tables they can close the extra table without having to pay for it. Is that not the same practice for other hotels?


Hi whiteeagle, welcome to our community =) Have you tried downloading the attachment from here? It should work. Meilingg ya able to try from your home? Not sure how come your office cant download.

Micron, the ang bao rates depends also on the prices per table mainly. I am not sure how much Raffles Hotel charge for the banquet but you can take the cost of each table divided by the pax to determine. Are you looking at having your wedding banquet at Raffles Hotel?


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This is awesome! ESP for people like me who are living overseas and have lost touch of the wedding angbao "scene" in Singapore!