Wedding Ang Bao Market Rates in Singapore 2015


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wow... I did not know the red packet can be so exp. I am not earning much but need to attend a fullerton wedding. I got a >$400 snow globe that I bought previously but in excellent condition. After discussing with my mum, we decided that I will just give the gift and forget about the red packet. Quite pasei, hopefully they don't mind... I am attending relative wedding from my mum's side. Our relationship is quite good ...


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Thks!! Insightful;) nowadays banquet are very expensive... We should spare couple a thought... At least, tell them earlyif we are not attending ;)


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As I mentioned in another post:
Not everyone goes by the market rates, or by the standard fare provided by the hotels. I know, with absolute certainty, that I'll be incurring a huge loss based on the dinner banquet alone (not considering photography - $6k, bridal gowns/accessories/shoes - $12k, flowers - $800, band - $2k, MUA - $1100, extra decor - $100, flower girl/pageboy outfits - $200, etc), so you'd need to take those into consideration too. My tables are about $1800 each (10 pax), and I definitely don't expect any guest to give $180 each!!

I agree with most here though, that people should RSVP early to inform the couple if they're unable to attend. It's absolutely rude to simply not turn up, or send a SMS an hour prior to inform of your non-attendance, the hotel charges per table regardless if there's only 4 people seated, plus I'll have to add $120 for every Halal and Vegetarian menu ON TOP of the per table pricing. Sigh. Imagine a table with 4 Vegans in a family (hence the need to seat them together), and forking out $2280 for that table! Everything is so ridiculously expensive nowadays, and my husband and I are finding ourselves in a huge credit card debt. Sigh. And I thought that was supposed to be a joyous event, yet it's so bogged down with monetary considerations, like the OP's post!