Which banks best for housing loan?


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anyone know what bank gives the best rates for housing loan? hubby and i dont qualify for BTOs, so it's down to private for us. any recommendations?


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If the combine income is $12K, ever consider EC?
Afterall first timer had some grant,
$30K for <$10K income
$20K for <$11K income
$10K for <$12K income

Came across Standard Chartered, somehow they had a special housing loan package that only offered by them, you can check with the banker for more details.
So far, most of the people that I know used DBS house loan as it provide the lowest fix + SIBOR


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my personal experience is that the interest rates always change. I'm currently with UOB but I may refinance soon for a better interest rate. That's something that you have to take note of that in private, they can change the interest rates when they want.


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bank interest rates always change. choose the lowest now and refinance when your bank interest rate gets too high.


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i got my home loan a few years back when I bought my first apartment but last year I was paying over the interest rate so I went to DBS and got a home refinance package which brought down my interest. You need to do your research and see which banks' packages and repayment period are suitable for you.


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UOB for housing loans too..renovation loan can try Maybank. Maybank have to see which person you getting. Some service horrible..