How to tell people very nicely you won't be inviting them for the banquet?


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Omgosh yes!!! I dont even dare to mention about my wedding at work cos im not planning to invite my colleagues.. Plan to say only a casual family dinner but quite paisey cos im still gonna take one week leave lol


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it's probably best for you not to send them invites to your wedding because it would hurt them more if you invite them to your wedding and not to the banquet.


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it's generally an unspoken courtesy for people to understand when you don't invite them....

i think it becomes more defensive when you write them a personal letter or explanation.
I think it's best you don't invite them for the ceremony either. Imagine attending the long ceremony but only to be told they're not invited to the banquet after. That would surely create an issue!


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Make it sure to explain why they can't be at the banquet (limited seating, intimate family members only.. ) so they won't get offended