10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Gown

Selecting the right wedding dress is one of your most enjoyable and important tasks as a bride-to-be. As your wedding will be one of the most important and memorable day of your life, it’s only right that you wear only the most beautiful dress for you on that day. Here are 10 tips to help you make your choice.

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1. Allot ample time for your selection.

Once you and your partner have set the date for your wedding, start looking for your gown. Ideally, you should be checking your options 9 months before the wedding day, and order your choice 4–6 months in advance. You will also need 2–4 fittings to make sure that everything goes well.

2. Get a dress that’s just the right size.

Even if you plan to lose weight before the wedding, it’s still wiser to get a dress that is in your usual size instead of something smaller. This serves as a precaution in case you don’t achieve your target size as well as for making your gown alteration easier.

3. Try a gown on before buying it.

A gown will not look the same on a model as it will on you, so always try a gown on before ordering it. Even if you have the same size as the model, there may still be slight differences in your bust size, waist line and body shape that might make the dress less appealing on you.

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4. Tag a friend along in your shopping.

Even if you know you look great on a wedding gown, you’ll probably be still in doubt unless a friend affirms your opinion. When trying on different gowns, bring along someone whose opinion you value, may it be your mom, your best friend, or your fiancé’s best man.

5. Consult the experts.

When buying your wedding gown at a Singapore bridal shop, don’t hesitate to ask their staff for help or suggestions. They’re experience gives them a good knowledge on whether a gown will look beautifully on you and fit you well. Just tell them what style you want and let them pick your best options.

6. Check that everything’s in order.

Choose a gown that you know you’ll be comfortable wearing and that would fit well with the other aspects of your wedding (such as your motif and venue). Also check that your gown goes well with your accessories, that the fabric falls perfectly, and that all embroidery and stitching are secured.

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7. Order a gown that’s within your budget.

You and your partner should agree on the cost of your wedding, including how much you can pay for your gown. In your budget, you should also include the price of your accessories and other bridal items, as well as the cost of your gown alterations.

8. Shop at local bridal shops.

There are a lot of bridal shops in Singapore, most of which can provide the perfect wedding gown for all types of customers. You can start checking the shops at Orchard Road and work your way towards Tanjong Pagar Road for more convenient shopping. The advantage of getting your gown from a local shop is that it makes the arrangement and making alterations easier.

9. Try it on with your accessories.

Wear your wedding gown and all your accessories – including your shoes and undergarments – at least once to get its full effect and to be familiar on how to walk on it. This helps you see if there are still some changes to have to be made, and it would help you feel more comfortable in your gown during your actual wedding day.

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10. Shop and pay wisely.

In Singapore, many bridal shops offer packages that include the bride’s wedding gown, as well as the other outfit and accessories for the wedding (such as the groom’s coat and the bridal bouquet). Most packages require a deposit of about half of the actual price, which are normally non-refundable.

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