10 Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes

Before making the rounds on the bridal shops, find out what a lot of brides-to-be get wrong when shopping for their wedding dress.

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1. Falling right away for discounts. Most of us are suckers for big discounts – we just can’t help it. But when it comes to your wedding dress, it’s normally best to pay a little bit more. Before getting a dress that’s been marked down, examine it carefully to make sure it’s in perfect order and free of any flaws.

2. Limiting your options. Before going shopping, you probably already have a style in mind, which is only advisable. However, you should still explore your options and try on different styles of wedding dresses to see how it suits you. Know that although fashion guides are indeed helpful, they are not absolute.

3. Settling on a dress right away. One of the biggest mistakes a bride can do when shopping for her dress is buying something that she doesn’t really like. This usually happens when she’s following someone else’s advice and not her own taste. Remember, it’s your wedding, your body, your dress – you make the choice.

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4. Trying on too many dresses. Ideally, you should have a design in mind (but see #2) and try on six to seven dresses. And once you find a dress you’re absolutely happy about, keep it. It’s usually not a good idea to try on more than 10 dresses, as this may only lead to confusion and make you feel uncertain about any choice you make.

5. Forgetting about extra costs. Your budget for your wedding dress should include not just the purchase price of the dress, but the cost of alteration, charged tax and delivery as well. Plus, you’ll also have to consider the other bridal items like your jewelry, shoes and accessories. Some bridal shops in Singapore offer wedding outfit packages, which can simplify the matter.

6. Going for the wrong size. A lot of brides-to-be plan to lose weight before the wedding and order a dress that’s a size or two smaller than their regular size. The problem is that the goal isn’t always achieved and some brides end up with an ill-fitting gown. To be safe, buy a dress of just the right size and just have it altered if need be. Altering a gown to a smaller size is much easier than making it bigger.

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7. Going to the wrong shop. Some bridal shops can better accommodate certain sizes. For example, one bridal shop may have more choices for petite women, while another specializes in dresses for plus-size women. In Singapore, you might want to call the bridal shop beforehand to inquire if they have enough dress selections for your size and body type.

8. Buying the dress too early. Most experts agree that six months before the wedding is the ideal time to start shopping for your wedding gown, and you should buy one within a month after that. That leaves enough time for the three or four fittings and the alterations you will need to make sure that the dress fits you perfectly.

9. Trying something too expensive.Trying on a dress you know you can’t afford can lead to frustration and even stop you from being satisfied with other dresses. It’s simply better to just try on dresses within your budget. It could save you from heartaches and disappointments.

10. Bringing an entourage. It’s good to have a lot of input during your selection, but have you tried making a decision with six women having different opinions on your choice? It would be best for you to just bring one or two people along – choose between your closest relative, your best friend and your maid of honor – who you trust the most and whose fashion sense you favor.

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