3 Great Tips for Wedding Dress Rental

Renting wedding dresses may not be among the best choices for many Singapore brides. But because of the wedding expenses adding up too fast, wedding dress rental has become an acceptable option for soon-to-brides. For grooms, wedding apparel rental is no longer unusual since grooms have already been doing this for years. It really does makes more sense than spending excessive amount of money on clothing you are only be wearing once. So if you would like to consider this option, here are five great tips you can implement in renting your bridal gown.


1. Start Early

In looking for the best wedding dresses, remember the old saying, “The early bird catches the worm”. Start hunting for that perfect dress a year before the wedding day, especially if the wedding is set on June, which is known as the best month to wed. By starting your search early, you’ll be able to have the best selections of wedding dresses and greater chances for you to find the perfect one.

2. Understand Your Choice

There’s more than money that counts when choosing this option. Determine and understand why you chose to rent a gown instead of buying a cheap or pre-owned one.  Here are some of its pros and cons you need to consider.

Pro: Cheaper Alternative. Renting a wedding gown is obviously cheaper than purchasing one. On average, renting a wedding gown will only cost you $1,000 to over $5,000, depending on the designer and the style of the gown to rent. But if you buy a similar kind of wedding dress, you’re likely to end up with at least $1,000 more per gown.


Pro: No Maintenance Needed. After the wedding, all you need to do is to return the wedding dress. No need for storage or any fabric preservative to apply on the dress.

Pro: Time Efficient. Rental shops for wedding dresses have spent a lot of time and effort in coming up with a matching bridal set. This is for their clients’ convenience and in order for them not to look for other shops to rent other wedding essentials.

Con: Limited or No Alterations Allowed. Buying a cheap wedding gown will give you the chance to alter the dress into your exact measurement to perfectly hug your body. Rented wedding dresses won’t allow you to do such changes, or if they do only for limited parts, because all their gowns are tailored to fit most body sizes.

Con: No Heritage for Children. There are some families or traditions that value the idea of passing on the special wedding dress to the future daughter. If opting to rent a wedding gown, there will be no chance for it to be an heirloom piece.


Con: Limited Selection. A bridal boutique can only offer you selections of dresses available in that time. There could be chances that your dream wedding dress is no longer available or does not exist in that particular store at all.

3. Visit Two or Three Shops

There are many bridal boutiques in Singapore that offer wedding dress rental services. Visit two or three shops and try on a couple of gowns in each stop. Try to feel every gown you put on. Be comfortable with its style and size, and be mindful with how the staffs assist you with your needs. After you have visited several shops and tried on a number of bridal gowns, it’s now the right time to pick the one you will wear on your most special day.

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