7 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Personal Wedding Site

Wedding Website

The Internet is connecting the world more each day and the most common way people keep in touch today, at least here in Singapore, is through online media. Now, if you are a bride-to-be who is proudly transitioning to being a wife or if you’d like to keep a record about this special time in your life, then having your own wedding website would be ideal for you. Below are its other benefits in detail:

1. Reduce Your Wedding Cost. In Singapore, a fraction of the wedding cost normally goes to printing the invites of your wedding (including for that of your engagement party and bridal shower). While your prints won’t be the bulk of your wedding expenses, it could still mean a few hundred dollars cut down from your total wedding cost. And, hey, since you’ll use less paper, you’ll be helping the environment too.

2. Keep Track of Your Wedding. Preparing your wedding is not an easy task. There are hundreds of things you have to deal with and keep track of. Having a wedding website will greatly help you deal with all of those by helping you monitor the progress of your wedding preparation, especially by helping you remember what you have to do and how much time you have to do them.

3. Give Your Guests a Preview. Your website will normally include updates about your wedding preparation that your guests would like to know, such as the look of your gown and some samples of your pre-wedding photoshoot. Your website will serve as a gallery of your wedding progress, which will keep your guests engaged and excited about your wedding.

4. Announcements and Reminders. Even if you’d taken precautions, some details about your wedding will probably not go as planned. If you include a guest book or eRSVP section on your site, where your guests and wedding vendors can leave their emails, you can easily use the information from there to make an announcement to everyone about any changes in your wedding. Similarly, it could be a way for you to remind them that your big day is coming.

5. Easy Way to Give Directions. A lot of your guests are very likely to ask you about directions on the very day of your wedding, which you certainly wouldn’t want to deal with under the stress you will be under that day. To avoid those pesky calls, simply inform your invitees to get directions from your wedding site, where you should post all the relevant details about your wedding.

6. Quick Registry Access. As the wedding day approaches, couples in Singapore usually refresh their gift registry to see which items have been purchased. You can do this as well and post the results at your wedding website where your guests can read them. You can even post a direct link to your registry info to make it easier for your guests.

7. A Place to Keep Your Memories. Your wedding day and the days before it will be one of your most cherished moments in life. In your wedding website, you and your groom can post the story of your romance, the love you have for each other, and all the emotions you’ve felt from the day you’ve met to the day you’ll be wed – and it will stay there in your own site, always available for you to remember and relive once again.

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