The Other Facet of Communication: Body Language

Everyone has their own distinct character – and flaws, too. We’re all different: no single person is exactly the same as someone else. Some couples may even be poles apart when it comes to personalities. With all these differences and causes for disagreement, how can you keep the love sparkling even if your bonding times are few and far between?

It’s about time you realize you have to cross the bridge that seeps distance between the both of you. As a couple, you have to climb the mountain of these differences and be able to sort out solutions for these surfacing problems. Hand in hand. Together. But how?

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Hugs and Kisses Just for You

It’s not every day that we are in the mood for a good, long talk. Most days, simply enjoying a hearty lunch or sipping a good wine after a romantic meal is already the ideal venue for a short, meaningful conversation. Intimate moments like these are essential to keep the love in your relationship burning.

After a busy day at work, you may be so tired that the mere travel back to your house has exhausted the light from you. Even so, sometimes even just a hug from your husband when you arrive can greatly lighten your spirits. Moreover, an intimate kiss would take away your anxieties, and you would then feel energized. Being loved, everything seems so colourful now because of his warm embrace and that passionate kiss you just shared, igniting the fading embers in your heart.

Communication is not all about words, it’s not all about saying “I love you” over and over again. It does not limit itself at the text messages you send him/her containing sweet declarations. Saying, “You are my life” gives assurance and comfort to your spouse, but this is not enough. A sweet smile or warm embrace every time will do the trick. When your partner feels low and you are there, a simple kiss on the cheek or wrapping your arms around them for just few seconds would give your partner the strength to deal with any problem they might have.

A sensual massage in the nape or at the back may tell your partner the message that you want him/her to relax a little bit, that you are there behind him/her any time your partners need an ally to back him/her up. Every time you need a shoulder to cry on, your partner’s shoulders and ears are there to make things easier for you.

It is imperative that every day, you listen and convey what it is you feel towards each other’s sentiments. Being able to express this in the right way will surely keep the romance alive. Communication is an effective tool in making your relationship last: let it be known, always, that you love your partner. Lastly, don’t forget to show your appreciation of your partner’s expressions of love. Sharing a warm embrace and calling each other your special terms of endearment could go a long way to making both of you feel loved.

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